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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon Goals!

Well, the time has come to lay out the goals for the A race of the fall, The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon. After my amazing experience during the Mississauga Marathon this past May, I originally wanted to run the marathon at STWM, however my husband asked me to put family first and to "just run a normal half marathon."

So I agreed and I dedicated myself to getting the majority of my runs in without interfering with family time. This meant a LOT of 0430 wake ups and runs done before 0600!

For this 18 week training plan, I decided to follow the Jack Daniels Running Formula approach which involves two effinghard "quality" runs per week, with one of those being during the long run. The entire approach, including paces, was designed to enable me to toe the line on Sunday with the training behind me to meet my "A" goal. Speedy Sam agreed to join me in this craziness and even put in a 26k run (as I was also training for the Midsummer 30k) and so I had company (because misery loves company). We #embracedthesuck together.

But you're here to read about goals. Well, I'm still going to put my "A" goal out there. I'm not entirely sure I will be able to get it, but I'm going to keep the mind strong and go for it. What will help is that Kenny may run with Sam and I as our personal pacer (skirt and socks not required!)!

A Goal


Yes, if I get in, even at 1:45:59, I'm counting it! That's about a 5:00/km or 8:00/mi pace.

B Goal


About a 5:05/km or 8:11/mi pace. This will give Sam a 2 second PB!

C Goal

Sub 1:50:00

This will get me into the corral at Around the Bay and be a PB.

D Goal (Say it with me)

Not to crap my pants.

Good luck to everyone running - there are SOOOO many of you. I'll be bib #11791 and wearing an orange skirt with my new rainbow socks! Look for the gal chasing Speedy Sam, who will likely be in pink!

See you all on the other side. 


  1. Okay, mission accepted. Lets do this.

  2. Yay almost time!! So pumped!

  3. Have a great race on Sunday! You are ready.

  4. Those early training runs will pay off!

  5. You stuck with the Daniels program and nailed all the workouts. We're looking at great race weather so I'm predicting a 1:44 finish

  6. You deserve this PR after working so hard for it. Let the legs be with you. I'll be screaming at my computer screen.

  7. Go #burlingtonskirtbrigade !!!


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