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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Oh hey, that running update....

Right! I said I'd be back with a running update.

Um, better late than never?

(everything lately is crazy busy... work, kids, life... I'm also doing workouts 5-6x a week, so ya. Its busy).

Anyway, I decided that there will be no PB attempt this fall.

At times I'm okay with that as the larger goal is to qualify for Boston next May at the Ottawa Marathon. Then, I see my friends getting faster and foresee their awesome PBs during fall races and I get sad.

The reality is that my foot is still not 100% and I'm only running 3x a week. I've lost my speed and have even lost the desire to train for speed (though guilt gets to me and about every week and a half I put in a solid speed session!)

4k at BQ pace
Now, the goal for the Oakville Half Marathon is to either pace Emma to a sub 1:50 PB or to just run one myself (basically, run a pure BQ paced half). Depending on weather, my sub 1:45:56 will have to come during Chilly next March.

I've still put in some solid and tough long distance runs though, included a post work Midsummer Night's Run test which didn't result in pacer pace, but did show me that I need more sleep and better food before attempting to go that long that late in the day.

I hit Bell School Line with Jamie finally and that was also a very tough run due to the elevation, but also because my nutrition was not on point. The views were lovely though.

Even Jamie's ass kicking mine up that hill
It hasn't been all bad though. Last Saturday, I hit 10k alone and 14k with Bridgett and managed pacer pace, no boinking and on point fueling. I hope the same happens tonight because A Midsummer's Night Run happens in six hours and I want to redeem myself from last year, pace a perfect race and have fun along the way (despite the likely rain).

The outfit remains the same.

I may have to include arm sleeves as its cold.
I also have yellow calf sleeves now
Goal is simple: Run the 30k in 2:59:XX. Make people laugh. Enjoy the privilege of pacing another race.

See you on the flip side.