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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clinic commences

It started this week, on Tuesday!

After an early dinner and frantic search for the appropriate ounces of frozen milk for the baby, I arrived at the store in plenty of time to discover that I'm one of few people taking the half marathon clinic for the first time. This became more and more apparent as people showed up and hugged each other.

Finally, at 6:30, we got our welcome from the store manager and our clinic coach, Bing took over for the lesson. The lesson was basically his approach to training and how he was going to convert our "fast-twitch" muscles to "slow-twitch" muscles so that we can run our best half marathon. He spoke about the different paces we'll train at and that the first four weeks would be easy weeks.

And we were off! 2.9k around the neighbourhood. I was at the tail end of the 35+ person pack, but I didn't expect anything else. I was able to run the entire distance and I didn't need my water at all. Bing spoke to everyone briefly to ensure they were running at an easy pace (one where you can maintain a conversation) and 19 minutes after I started, I was back at the store.

Wednesday was the open group run and our group only did 3k again. We ran a different route and I decided not to carry any water which was great! I was dressed a bit too warmly on top, but that didn't make things too bad. The plus was that I tied my pants tight enough so that they didn't fall down! HA! This run took me 22:45 and I was at the end again.

Today, I ran 3.7k at the gym. Yes, I re-joined Goodlife fitness, taking over my husband's AMAZING rate so that I have access to a treadmill during the day. The bonus is that they have child minding, so I can bring the baby and get the run in without disrupting my family life any further.

Saturday brings another 3k and Sunday's group run will be 7k.

I'm really glad I joined the clinic and fully expect that I will surprise myself on May 15.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A first ... and a last

It has been an exciting running week in this house (GAH! can anyone else hear Bob Harper?) and it is only Wednesday!

On Sunday morning, I went and ran my first winter run ever!.

It was great! Thanks to some great winter running presents from my husband for Christmas (tights and socks) and the Resolution Run coat, I was armed for the weather (-12c, -22c with the wind-chill) and was able to cover 7k in my neighbourhood in 44 minutes.

I'm so stoked to have found a great route (really, just a big 'round the block loop that I did 3 times) and to have gotten that first out of the way. Next week, the Running Room program starts and I know that we will be outside no matter what!

The last is a whole lot more sad.

My treadmill is officially dead. Beyond repair (it would cost way more than its worth). This means that I can no longer get in any daytime runs as I do not belong to a gym (yet?). I'm not going to worry about it too much in the short term, but will get something figured out soon so that I can make up the other two runs as suggested by the half-marathon training program.

Whee! I'm looking forward to beginning the training next week!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


On the days that I don't run, but am suppose to, I always tell myself that I ran out of time.

The truth is, I just got lazy.

Yesterday, I made a change to this behaviour.

In an attempt to get ready for the Running Room's Half Marathon clinic that starts on January 25th, I'm trying to run at least 15-20k a week in 3-4 runs. I had run on Monday for 30 minutes while the baby napped (4k) and was thus "scheduled" to run again yesterday (Wednesday). Wednesday turned out to be a busy day: Mum's lunch-playdate from 11-2:30, pick up son #1 at 3:00, go out to dinner with the girls at 7:00. I had no idea when my husband would be home (he can get home as late at 5:30) and I had to feed the kids (eek - the baby has started cereal!) and bath at least one of them (my husband and I divide and conquer here).

My husband actually came home right after son #1 got off the bus and they stayed outside to play/shovel and the baby was asleep in his car seat. This was my chance! As soon as they came in (and I made them hot chocolate), I fired up the treadmill for 5k. So, I MADE the time to get the run in. Of course, it helped that my husband was home early, but I didn't use any excuses - I just got the run in!

With 0.2 miles to go, my treadmill began to chug... chug... chug... The belt is dying and I know that once it does, I'll have to get outside (AHHH!) or find a new-to-me treadmill. I'm just hoping and praying that it'll hold out until Jan 25 for multiple runs/week (I'm planning on running outside in the day on Saturday's) and then for one run/week until the spring. Please send good thoughts to the treadmill gods.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Race plans 2011


I have plans.

Official, BIG plans.

2011 has become the year of the half marathon.

After further discussion with my husband about what it means for me to join the Running Room's half marathon training clinic (out two consecutive nights a week and Sunday mornings which leaves him with bed-time duty and crazy morning duty) and rationalizing the need of the baby to nurse to sleep (Perhaps being bottle fed at bed time more often will lead to less wake ups?), I've decided to join the program and run the Half Marathon at Mississauga on May 15th!

Officially, I need to call/go out to the store and join. Then I need to register. However I feel like the decision has been made and that is the most important step.

To be honest. I'm afraid.

I'm very afraid I won't be able to keep up with the training.

I'm NOT afraid of the race.


I know that once I start the race, I'll finish.

I know that getting to the finish means training.

But I'm afraid of the training.

Strange? Maybe.

Other race plans for 2011 are hazy as this is the BIG one.

Right now, I want to do the Bread and Honey 5k again (with my mat leave friend, Jenn), the Zoo 10k and maybe another half in the fall (Oakville? Hamilton? Niagara?). Perhaps I'll do a few women's only runs as well.

Who knows? The main event happens in 18 weeks.

18 weeks.

Hol-lee Mol-lee.

Update: Sign up for training program completed.

Update #2: I've signed up for the RACE.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Conversations in Gear with a 4-year old

Alasdair: Mummy, what's this?

Me: It's my running bra.

Alasdair: Can I get one for when I go treadmilling [running on the dreadmill]?

Me: No, boys don't need them. Boys don't have breasts.

Alasdair: Oh. When I get older, I'm going to put breasts on my Christmas list.

Me: I'm sure you will

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolution Run Report

I showed up to the Running Room with plenty of time to pick up my bib, go to the washroom and hang around, outside wit the other 75-100 runners.

The weather was AMAZING for December 31st in the GTA! 9 degrees with no wind and a fine mist at times. I had brought the Resolution Jacket that we got as part of the kit just in case, but I didn't need it at all. In fact, by the end of the run, I was feeling very hot in my brand new warm running tights and a tank top, long sleeved dry-fit top and wind jacket. I'm glad I wore a baseball cap instead of a toque.

The run was through a subdivision and it was tough as there were many, many, many slight variations in the grade of the road which meant a bunch of up and downs. I powered through most of them though and only ended up walking three times.

I finished in 34:45 which is awesome as it means I cut 4 minutes from the Jingle 5k 20 days ago!

I now have to decide if I'm going to join the running room's half marathon program targeting the Mississauga half marathon or if I'm going to do it on my own. In the meantime, the goal is to run 20k a week in the next few weeks until I'm forced to make a decision.