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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Off Season Update

For the first time in three years, I've not started January with a new marathon plan! Instead, I've extended the off-season and don't begin training until January 26th! Phaedra has already sent me the first three weeks of my plan and as a result, I've decided to try to mimic what's going to happen so that I'm ready and able to hit the training ground running (so to speak. HA).

The most important thing I decided to do was return to Tuesday Treadmill Tempo runs! I haven't run a tempo run in ages. Seriously, likely not since September have I had the desire to speed up. In fact, I've been worried where I'd land when I got back into serious training and I've been happy to note, that certain things are coming together nicely.

I've been smart as well! I started slowly with just 2k at tempo pace as seen above. This week, I increased to 3k. Next week brings 4k at 8:00/mi (5:00/km) and that should set me up nicely for the first official week of training for the Ottawa Marathon.

In other proactive news, I went back to the Physio office and had a visit with the massage therapist there. Its funny, most people heard I was going for a massage and were jealous. Little did they know how painful this type of massage actually is. Despite that, I'm committed to going to see Katherine at least once a month to ensure that I can keep my Plantar Fasciitis at bay. We all know that I don't need another season devoted to injury.

This week, I finally, finally hit all of my planned workouts!

Monday I hopped on my home spin bike (boring as it was!) and got a 30 minute ride in with some spurts of hard tension and standing riding. After that, I threw down 3x10 military push-ups in my bedroom. Project Guns is ON!!! For real this time. HA!

Tuesday was the treadmill tempo as described above with 3k at pace, Wednesday I got in an easy 5k (on the treadmill again) before girls night. Thursday was an unplanned rest day just due to having so much to do at work, and with kids (and the fact that I rolled over and reset my alarm for an hour later). That meant that on Friday, I got another 5k easy after work and followed that up with a bunch of upper body weights. I'm not lifting much yet (10lbs, 15lbs), but I don't want to hurt myself so I'm going slow. I finally got out on Saturday morning. I was planning to do my long run, but the weather was -20c and I had a lot going on (hair cut, Alasdair had hockey, some friends coming over for dinner), so I decided to switch up days. This run felt like complete crap, but no matter what, I couldn't slow my legs down and ended up with a 5:30/km pace on average. Switching runs was an easy decision as I knew that Patty had planned to do her long run on Sunday as well.

I met up with her at 7am this morning with a slight hangover and very little clothing (it was 6c!!!) and we ran a lovely (if slippery due to black ice) route of Burlington Trail and Road. What a way to cap off a great week and finally get to 40km again!

Runners Make the Best Friends!
This week, I still hope to get all 8 workouts in, but I may cut the long run distance slightly. It will really depend on how my foot holds up (so far, its okay. I'm a bit sore after long runs, but nothing more). I'm excited to be back into a routine and am really looking forward to the plan and working with Phaedra soon! This means that I shall return to this blog with more regularity!

I hope you've also enjoyed the beginning of the year and any training plan you are (or are not) working on.

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