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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nov 27, 28, 29

It occurs to me that I haven't tracked in a few days... this may be blurry...


okay, it is... suffice to say I've been okay, but have had some booze and snacks (uh, like right now).

I did work out 4x during the week. I'm freaking proud about that!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Weighed-in today at 152.4lbs… the same as last week. I found the paper where my weigh in from last week was written down. I feel… okay about it. I can’t seem to crack 150lbs… soon I hope!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nov 25/08

A good day:

B: Clementine, yogurt
EX: Curves
B #2: Coffee, Nature Valley Sweet and Salty bar in peanut
L: Miso soup and sushi - this is the first time I have ever enjoyed sushi... YUM... I probably had like 8 pieces, mini cream brulee x2, decaf coffee
D: Stuffed pasta shells, two chicken and veg, one beef, one cheese, glass of red wine

H2O: Likely a little under 2L
S:Halloween bag of chips - the last one!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nov 24/08

So, I made it to the gym on Friday and weighed in at like 151.4lbs or 152.4lbs. Then I spent the weekend eating and drinking and staying up late and not exercising (unless you count the 3 hours of cleaning).

Anyway, back to the work week:

B: 1 1/4 pieces of toast with butter and peanut butter (my kid ate the other 3/4), coffee
L: Turkey and bacon club from Tim Horton's with a whole wheat bun, coffee
I did drink about 1L of water
Ex: 30 minutes on the treadmill - I ran for 18 minutes straight... I am awesome!
D: Homemade baked chicken fingers, sweet potato wedges and broccoli, 1/2 a vanilla dip donut, glass of milk.

I say it is an okay day.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The week that was...

Yeah, yeah, I've not posted this week. Meh. I've had a seriously disillusionment with the internets on Friday evening/Saturday that left me swearing off imaginary friends and conversations all together. But really, who cares who knows what I eat for God's sake?

Monday: write off - McDonald's for breakfast, Mr. Sub for lunch, ACC box for dinner. 8 beers.

Tuesday: Ugg... I'm sure I ate "okay" on Tuesday, don't remember it though

Wednesday: I made it to the gym this day. Lunch was out at a lovely restaurant and I had a salad with buffalo mozzarella and a Stilton and brisket burger - freaking awesome burger. Dinner was home made burritos. Yum.

Thursday: I went to the gym again and ate rice krispies and blueberries for breakfast, a yogurt for snack, salad, brie and crackers for lunch and a clementine for snack. Dinner was sweet potato and black been burritos and some fries. I did drink two glasses of wine and have some blue menu pretzels.

So that was my week so far.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Weigh-In Nov 14/08


I'll take it.

November 13/08

Not a bad day at all. I have a horrid cold. I don't want to eat or work out, but meh.

B: Oatmeal and fruit salad
S: Clementine
EX: 30 minutes at Curves
L: 2 stuffed shells
D: 2x eggs, whole grain toast with butter and um 5x bacon. BACON! Clementine.

S: Rye and gingerale. To help me with the cold.

H20: 1L

2x at the gym this week! If I make it tomorrow, I'm back on the three week bandwagon! Woo!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 12, 2008

Not a bad day. I woke up with a freaking cold and was late so no breakfast at home. Actually, I didn't feel hungry all day.

B: English muffin with cheese, coffee
L: Curried cauliflower and sweet potato soup with mixed green salad with light lemon dressing.
S: Clementine
D: Beef stew with potatoes, carrots and cauliflower. Fruit salad.

H2O: 2L.

I had brought my bag to go the the gym, but my heart wasn't in it. I was pathetic with my cold. Meh.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 11, 2008

Today I hosted a playdate at my house because as a bank worker I had the day off. It was a great day with so much food, and I think I did okay.

B: Banana and rice krispies, coffee
L: Some olives, some veggies and dip (likely 5-6 sticks), salami and provolone sandwich, one chocolate chip cookie.
S: Clementine orange. YUM. Coffee
D: Pizza - frozen kind, 3 slices

H2o - likely less than a litre.

I didn't go on the treadmill because my company stayed until it was time to wake up my kid from his nap, but it was a fun day and I ended up sending most leftovers home with people and keeping things like the clementines and the fruit salad.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nov 10, 2008

Discovered today that I'm not doing so well.


B: Oatmeal and banana
EX: 30 minutes at Curves
L: Curried Cauliflower and Sweet potato soup, 3 ryvita's with cream cheese and salami
D: 3 stuffed shells - one with beef, two with cheese and a small piece of cheese cake.

H20: 2L.

Tonight was a write off cause I was out shopping until 8pm. I just had leftovers which means not a lot of veg or fruit in the day. Sigh. I MUST get back on track!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weigh in (November 10, 2008) or, the proof is in the Halloween Candy



My first thought was to blame it on that time of the month. I have dismissed that notion though because quite obviously the crap I’ve been eating in the past few weeks is the real reason behind the gain.

I think it stands to remind me that I just need to be diligent. And that is a combination of working out and eating right. Also according to someone, I should eat more protein. Hmmm. I’m not hungry at all most times, but I get that that is a link between wanting sweet things and not enough protein. So I’ll put that notion to test this week.

It’s been a month and a week (though one week was spend abroad) for a net loss of 2.8lbs which is shy of my 5 lbs a month goal, but let’s reflect on the good:

1) Joined and have habitually gone to Curves
2) Purchased a treadmill and have used it, but need to use it more (and attempt to get the husband on it)
3) Am eating healthier (on the whole) and am enjoying great new recipes
4) Am still motivated to continue onward

So, not too bad for a month or so of change to lifestyle.

Hmm, change is quite the buzzword this later half of 2008, eh?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 5/08

Whee, not at all a bad, bad day... not a great one either, but meh. I'm not worrying about it any more.

B: Oatmeal, coffee
L: Scallops with mushrooms, sweet potatoes and veggie tempura and rock shrimp. I was at a Japanese restaurant. One glass of wine.
D: Chicken pot pie (homemade with low fat soup, not gravy) and fries.

3x Halloween chocolate bars

H2O: over 2L.

We shall see what the scale says.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nov 3 & 4 2008

Catching up.

Nov 3:

B: Oatmeal, apple, coffee
L: Salad with Balsamic and multigrain dinner roll
S: Granola bar
D: Calazone
S: 2 halloween bags of chips, 2 bags of candy, 2 chocolate bars
H20: 2L

Nov 4:
B: Oatmeal, banana, coffee
L: 3x Ryevita with cream cheese and salami - YUM!
Ex: Curves 30 min
S: Granola Bar
D: Talipia, rice, broccoli

S: 2x rye and coke zero, 2x halloween chocolate 1x halloween skittles

H20 1L

BAH. Can't wait to step on the scale on Friday....