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Friday, April 10, 2009

6.6km - it is a good Friday!

Hm, maybe that title is uncouth considering my religion (Catholic), but it is true none-the-less. Yes, I just managed to put 6.6km on my treadmill in under 50 mins. I'm very, very, very proud. I was yawning my head in two while hanging with the kid in the last half hour before he went to bed and I honestly thought I'd have to give up the goose on resort to walking on the treadmill tonight, but it was not the case at all. Instead of setting time, I set a goal of 4.0 miles (the unit my machine uses (the other 0.1 mile was a cool down)) and then did 10s and 1s. Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE this strategy? I really need to get a few things for outdoor running, but the most important is something that allows me to see how long I've run so that I can start with 10s and 1s to get used to it.

I tracked how long it took me to get to 5km (3.1 miles) due to my New Years resolution and I got there in about 36:30. My goal is a 30 min 5km so I have quite a way to go, but this particular time involved a 4 minute warm up. I'd like to see how I do without a warm up and I guess I should try that next time (knowing that 3-4 mins is a good enough warm up for me).

My friend from baseball never called for a run, but she mentioned that she runs the 5km in about 34 mins, so I'd like to run with her to see what kind of pace she's running at. Along with her husband, she signed up for the same 5km race that I did in May, so we are planning to at least start together. Her husband used to run track in high school (less than 10 years ago) and is a soccer player, so he's a much better runner than the two of us, but starting together will be a lot more fun then doing it all alone.

Now I just have to KEEP GOING!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Suck

No really, I do. I did not run on Wednesday, nor did I go to Curves and I didn't do anything on Thursday either. I was in back to back meetings from 9-1 then 2-4 so I had no time to go to the gym. Then, I just wanted to begin my mini holiday with a bag of chips and a glass of wine... so I did. The plan is to run tomorrow and Saturday for sure. I may even get together with a girl from my baseball team to run which should be nice. I WILL get a run in for sure. No fooling.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The funk that's been me

I've been in a funk. Quite a major exercise one to be honest. While the past three weeks have seen me head to Curves 8 times (out of a goal of 9), I've only run 10.15km! That's it, that's all. The good news is that 5km of that was outside. Ooooo! One goal down! That was on March 28th. Then tonight (April 6th) I finally got back on the treadmill and could barely, barely get through 40 mins and 5.15km. I seriously thought I was going to vomit at the end. Sigh. I must see this week as one where I can begin anew with a schedule that includes regular running. I signed up for a 5k race on May 9th and I paid $600 for running orthodits, so there is no excuse.

Part of the problem is the 8pm run. My running time is limited during the week to begin with (because I'm not going to spend upwards of 40 mins away from my kid when I only get 2 hours a day with him), and now my husband has broken his hand so I have to take care of many things he used to do (washing dishes, chopping things for dinner, bathing the kid, sweeping etc etc). I guess by the time 8pm rolls around the the kid is in bed and I've done the little chores, I just DO NOT want to do anything other than vegetate on the couch. On the other hand, it is ONLY 40 or so minutes! That is what needs to motivate me! I'll check back in to update my Wednesday when I plan to run again. In the meantime, send some motivation vibes my way, kay?