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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ottawa Marathon Training week 10!

I know!  I missed week 9,  but really the things that happened in week 9 can be summed up as such:

1) FINALLY had a GREAT tempo run

2) Raced Around the Bay

Week 10 started with a renewed energy after Around the Bay, even though that race didn't go exactly to plan. I feel like things are coming together and even though I have a number of tough weeks coming up, I'm eager and willing to take them on.

Monday: Rest day. I didn't really need it as my legs felt fine, but I wasn't one to argue with Coach Phaedra

Tuesday: 6k easy running. This run was fantastic for a number of reasons: I had new shoes and I got to wear the Man Shots.

Wednesday: I took Wednesday off. I set my alarm wrong and there was no time once I got home to fit the run in.

Thursday: 13k moderate pace. Except, I decided to just run this as it was, nice and easy. The weather was awesome in the early morning and I was able to run in crops even though I started before 5am. The pace was slightly off, but still respectable. 13k, average pace 5:36/km

Friday: Alasdair and I ran the Good Friday Road Races again. He ran the 1k in about 5 minutes and I ran the 5k in 25:27. The run felt good despite the Northshore Hills and the headwind and once again, I was so proud to see my son running.

Saturday: I met up with Sam at 7am and we ran a double out and back from Port Nelson Park in Burlington. We ran 33k in 3hr2min39 sec. Sam is a true trooper as she had a horrible, hacking death cold, but still got the run done in good time and great pace despite it all. In fact, I had to hold her pace back in the last 2k as she kept speeding up. And really, any run that starts with the beauty sunrise is worth it.

Sunday: Phaedra has put in a recovery run or spin on Sunday's. I'm not one to normally run a recovery run, but it is nice to get things moving. While the kids were up too early (0630), it allowed me to get a load of stuff done (including going to 9am mass with the kids) and so I got on the road around 1pm and ran a very nice and easy 4.4k with the big snowflakes falling the entire time. I got home and threw down some military pushups and ab work afterwards. I need to get back to doing these on the regular. Then, I ate an amazing Easter dinner with my family. A perfect holiday Sunday!

In all, I ran 61.56KM (38.25mi) in 5:37:37. That's an average pace of 5:29/km (8:50/mi).

Also, I was able to get over the halfway point in my fundraising for Make-A-Wish Canada in support of Wishes for Olivia. Please consider clicking the link and donating even $5 or $10 which will truly make a difference in the life of a deserving child.

In all, a great week! I looking forward to the hard training ahead. I'm fully comitted to getting to the start line of the Ottawa Marathon with a sure shot of hitting my BQ goal and these next weeks will ensure I'm able to do so.