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Monday, December 22, 2008

Dec 19-21 + Weigh-in

151.6 lbs, so yeah, 150 lbs is still taking a pass on me, but it is my own fault.

The weekend was bad. That’s it. That’s all. I’ll try to remember how it all went down.

Friday, I was fine until dinner. I ate great for B & L, in fact I had my sweet potato and black bean burrito for lunch post work out at Curves. But then, due to snowmagedon which the GTA experienced, I stayed with my folks so as not to risk the life of my small child and ended up eating two decadent chocolate chip cookies (really, the best cookies known to man-kind), and chips. While my lovely father did offer me a pop or beer, I did manage to stick to water, thus getting my 2.0L in.

It gets way worst on Saturday. Toast with PB for breakfast and a coffee. Then I picked up the husband and we had a bank appointment. We had the kid with us. We needed to go to WalMart. We decided to eat lunch there. In McDonalds. I had 4 chicken McNuggets and the equivalent of a small fry. I think I even had regular coke. On the upside, my kid at ½ a nugget which means he ate chicken for the first time voluntarily. Then we went to two Christmas open houses post nap (for the kid, not me). I guess you could say that I ate chili for dinner, which isn’t bad, but I also ate cheese, crackers, salsa dip and chips, cheese/pastry appetizer things and um 3 glasses of wine and 3 beers (shit! SHIT! There goes the no beers till Christmas goal!).


I had high hopes of getting on the treadmill on Sunday. I really did. But instead of waking up when my eyes opened at 6:30 am to get shit done, I took three ibuprofen and went back to sleep for two hours instead. So, six hours later I had eaten 2x rye toast with PB, 2x coffee, 2x Clementine’s and had made Choco-Banana Magic Bars, Oreo truffles (bag of Oreos, box of cream cheese, chocolate), spaghetti sauce and lasagna and had showered. Then friends came over, I ate a few appetizers (Samoa’s and cheese/pastry puff things), ONE glass of wine, salad, a piece of lasagna, 1.5 magic bars 3 Oreo truffles and a cup of tea. I’m pretty proud of the lack of booze in my meals yesterday. I likely got in 1.0L of water

Well, I guess the holiday’s and thus the holiday eating has begun. Sigh. I hope that I can get to 150 by Jan 5th. That is the goal. Eye on the prize, right? Right?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dec 18/08

After a stellar day I had Ice Cream. Sue me, I don’t care. I was stuck on the friggen GoTrain for an hour. I got home at 7:15pm (I usually get home at 6:05pm). I didn’t drink wine and I really, REALLY wanted to.

B: Banana, Clementine
Ex: Curves, 30 min
S: Oatmeal muffin – homemade, coffee
L: Sweet potato and black bean burrito
S: Handful of almonds, Clementine
D: Tilapia, rice, broccoli
S: Ice cream

H20: 2L

The ice cream was Santa’s milk and cookies. A bit too maple-ly for me, but it was good. Not as good as boxed red wine, but at least I can stop when the bowl of ice cream is done. I would have drank about 4 glasses of the wine. I think the lesser of two evils won.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dec 17/08

Not a bad day:

B: Oatmeal with flax seed, coffee... blah blah blah same every day
L: Sheppard's Pie
S: Clementine, handful of almonds
D: Catelli smart pasta with meat sauce
H2O: Over 2L

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dec 16/08

What a lunch. That's all I have to say.

B: Honey bunches of oats and a banana
Ex: Curves
S: I was starving, but avoided the muffins and croissants at Starbucks and got a coffee and a mixed fruit plate instead
L: Whopper combo with diet coke. Yup. Whopper. Nope didn't forget the JR. part.
D: Curried cauliflower and sweet potato soup with dinner roll cheese sandwich.

H2O: 1.5 L

So I did awesome up until lunch. Then I sucked it at lunch. I could have made a better choice and I didn't. Sigh. Dumb. It is really no wonder that 150lbs mocks me.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

150 lbs mocks me

Weigh-in today:

151.4lbs. GAH.

I guess eating like crap all weekend doesn't help, eh? Never mind the Whopper I just ate. A FULL Whopper, not even a JR. one.

Dec 15/08

A very good day overall.

B: Oatmeal with flaxseed. This is a new oatmeal (from the bulk barn) and I didn’t like it. It was way too mushy, if that makes sense. Oh well, I’ll eat it. Perhaps it is better if it is cooked on the stove instead of in the microwave
L: Yogurt, curried cauliflower and sweet potato soup
S: Handful of almonds x2, Clementine
D: Salad, 2x sweet potato and black bean burritos

I guess it was a sweet potato day!

H2O: over 2L

Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend of indulgences

Sat Dec 13
B: Granola bar, coffee
L: Minestrone Soup
S: Small dinner roll with brie
EX: 30 mins on treadmill – walk on incline for 5 min, run for 20 min, cool down for 5 min
D: Pork chop, sweet potatoes, corn
S: Salt and Vinegar chips
H2O: Over 2L

Sun Dec 14
B: Soft boiled egg and 2x whole wheat toast with butter
L: Minestrone Soup
S: Mouthful of black beans and one of sweet potato (from dinner I was cooking), tasting of soup, Clementine, hot chocolate with shot of Bailey’s
D: Sheppard’s Pie, glass of milk
S: Salt and Vinegar chips, 4 glasses of wine (fail! – watched the finale of Survivor)
H2O: Over 2L

Let’s look at the positives:
1) Drank 2L water both days
2) Used treadmill
3) Did not drink beer
4) Made three healthy dinners for the week

Let’s just forget about all that chip eating and wine drinking, eh?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dec 11/12 2008

Without much ado:

Dec 11
B: Oatmeal with flax seed and brown sugar
Ex: Curves
S: Banana, coffee, handful of almonds, yogurt
L: (Work holiday lunch) - 1 slice white meat turkey, stuffing, 1/2 plate of veggies/salad, desert plate of mixed fruit
D: Hotdog and Salad, a glass of white wine (I know, I cheated)
H2O: Over 2L

Dec 12
B: 1/2 grapefruit, oatmeal with flax seed and brown sugar
L: Salad, penne a la vodka with smoked chicken, 2 glasses of red wine (Supplier lunch), tea
S: Cheese and triscuits
D: 1/4 chicken white meat with fries from Swiss Chalet, 3 glasses of white wine
H2O: 2L - I got it in! HA!

I dunno, I guess I only get mad at myself for about 4 days at a time. I'm trying but it ain't working so well I guess. BAH. BAH. BAH.

I'm going to run now.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dec 10/08

A good day, if I do say so myself. I'm working hard at this and it is working out.

B: 1/2 grapefruit, oatmeal with flax, brown sugar, coffee
L: Salad, Almonds ? I'm fuzzy, I can't remember what I ate for protein
S: Apple
D: Pasta with meat sauce
H2O: Over 2L

I was dizzy all day and it sucked so I didn't do the treadmill after the kid went to bed.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dec 9/08

I was so very good. Bad at fruit though. I just could not fit it in.

B: Oatmeal with a teaspoon (like a real one, not a measuring one) of flax seeds and brown sugar, coffee
Ex: Curves
L: Leftover ham, salad with balsamic
S: Handful of sunflower seeds and almonds
D: Salad and ¼ of a rising cruse pizza
H2O: Over 2L (I stop counting at two).


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 8/08

I ate cake.

I know. I’m a loser. Not the right kind though. HA! The problem is that it was in the house. Left over from my dad’s surprise 70th birthday from Saturday. I gave a lot away, but we still ended up with a plate full. I guess I should throw it into the green bin, but I really HATE the idea of wasting food. GAH. On the plus side, I stayed away from the vast amounts of left over wine and beer.

B: Oatmeal, coffee
Ex: Curves
L: Salad (with cherry tomatoes – not that bad actually and cucumber – I don’t normally like either), piece of ham, olives
S: Grapefruit, no sugar
D: Slice of ham, 4 meatballs, scalloped potatoes (1/2 cup), mixed veggies (1/2 cup) – yes there are a LOT of leftovers from the party.
S: Cake. That yummy Costco kind with the lemon middle. God, Costco makes an awesome cake for $20!
H2O: 1.5L

You know, I never ever thought that I had food/emotional problems. I never thought I was an emotional eater. But I’ve come to realize that when I was a kid, my biggest reward would be staying up to watch the Dukes of Hazard eating salt and vinegar chips and drinking ½ a can of Canada Dry. I guess this is why the night time is such a problem for me. I still look forward to a good episode of Lost and lots of buttery popcorn and wine. I have to break myself of that habit. I have to ensure that my kid doesn’t get into it either.

Monday, December 8, 2008

153.6 - Dec 8/08

Sigh. Big fucking sigh. Remember all of those lovely words about not berating myself and not “dieting”? Well forget it. I’m mad. I’m mad that I have lost a measly 3 lbs and I can only blame myself and my horrid diet. I need to take control of what I’m eating and drinking. I need to stop making excuses for myself and patting myself on the back just because I go to Curves three time a week. I’m not an idiot. I know I need to have the diet part right in order to loose any weight at all. So, it’s a bad time of year (Christmas), who cares? I decide what I put in my mouth and what I don’t. So I am going to set some new goals.

1) Drink 2L of water a day – something so easy to achieve, yet I suck at it time and time again
2) Eat fruit and veggies ever day. Veggies are easy for me. I can take a salad for lunch every day and be happy, plus we usually have 1-2 vegetables at dinner every night. It is the fruit. I need to add fruit back into my morning breakfast rotation and my afternoon snacks
3) Snack – on healthy things. No more 2pm runs to Second cup for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies – I need to buy some nuts to keep in my desk
4) Give up beer. SIGH. I will not drink a beer until Christmas day. I swear.
5) Wine is for weekends – and there is no need to exceed 2 glasses
6) Get on the treadmill at LEAST 1x a week. I bought the damned thing; I should be using it WAY more.
7) Keep going to Curves 3x a week. Push myself every time.
8) Keep the blog/tracking UP. I must be accountable to me.

So there it is. All on the line. I weigh-in again on Jan 5th. I’m aiming for 148 lbs. I will get there.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dec 3/08

B: Oatmeal, coffee
EX: 30 minutes at Curves
L: Yogurt, wild mushroom soup – homemade
S: Bag of zesty cheese Doritos (sheepish - but I was a little hung over and in need of salt), Clementine
D: Tilapia, rice, peas, 2 small cookies (I got a Christmas basket on Monday – bah)
H20: 1.5L

As long as I’m not eating Doritos every day, I guess it is okay to indulge once in a while. I must keep my eyes on the under 150lbs goal!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dec 1 & 2 2008

Dec 1st. Ah Monday a new day, a new week, a time to stay on track!

B: Cheerios, coffee
EX: curves 30 min
L: Yogurt, wild mushroom soup
S: Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie
D: Chicken, baked, rice, broccoli
S: cookies – those cigarette things with chocolate inside of them. I dunno, like five? They’re small, glass of milk
H20: 2L

Dec 2nd
B: Oatmeal
S: Chai latte – YUM
L: Beef curry with potatoes and tomatoes and spinach
S: Zero Nestea iced tea, Clementine
D: 2x sushi, 3x shrimp, Beef tenderloin, ½ plate of mixed veg, mashed potatoes 5x beer, 1 glass of red wine, popcorn. Dude, I was at Neil freaking Diamond. It was all free. I indulged. See my weigh-in stats. I’m allowed!

Am working on a cerbal post... stay tuned to my non-readers! HA!

Monday, December 1, 2008

There is good news…

I had my first “Weight and Measurement” report today. I should have had one on November 1st, but missed it. Ooops.

Anyway, I’m down 2.25 inches, 4.8 lbs, and 2.3% body fat. I’ve been to Curves 20 times since joining. That includes a week in Scotland.

Woot, Woot (this is the sound of my horn tooting).

Now, to keep it up over the holidays.

Nov 30/08

B: Soft boiled egg, 2x whole wheat toast with butter (aka dippy soldiers), OJ, coffee
L: 3 chicken fingers that my kid wouldn’t eat at my work’s kids Christmas party, coffee.
S: Handful of nuts, beer.
D: Ground beef curry made with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and spinach served with whole wheat naan bread. Angel food cake topped with strawberries, blueberries and cool whip (man, its Sunday – desert is allowed).

EX: None. I wrote Christmas cards instead.

H2O: 1L.