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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2 confessions, 1 question

I have two confessions to make and a question to ask.

Confessions first.

I love to sweat. LOVE.

I fell off of my treadmill tonight. Really.

So first things first.


I decided to run speed intervals on the treadmill tonight. The only research I've done is to read various running blogs to see what other people do and then absorb it all and try my own version. I ended up doing a 2 min walk, 4 mins comfortable pace (5.4), 3 mins fast (6.5 pace), 2 mins slow (3.8 pace) x 2, then 2 and 2's x 2, then 3 mins at 6.0, then a 1 min slow and a steady run to finish 4.35 km in 32 mins. It was hard. It was hot.

Wait for it.

It was sweaty!

Because the "summer" has been so mild, we've not put our A/C on. While the basement is cooler than the house, it is still humid and I loved it! I was literally dripping, my hair was wet, my skin was gleaming. I really do not like to exercise unless I have this tangible evidence of work. Plus, it just feels good. I think this odd love of sweat must come from my years of summer dance class in studios without A/C. Ahh, childhood memories.

And so. Ah-hem. Confession #2:

I fell off the treadmill.

For the first time ever (I've had the EVO since October 2008 and have ran on treadmills on and off for the past 10 years).

I had left the treadmill during my walk warm up to turn up the TV (hey, Hasselhoff says some okay things on America's Got Talent), and when I went to step back on it, I TOTALLY blanked that it was still going. I stepped on it as if it was off and CRASH! BOOM! BANG! I'm fine and continued with the run, but the cats are likely even more afraid of the machine now and I've added a few (more) grey hairs to my husband's head.


Question: I wore my new running (capri) pants tonight (they are too big in the waist! I hope I can shrink them?), my question is: What are the holes at the back of the calf for? They have reflective material around them and I can't for the life of my think what they are for. These can't be bike pants cause they don't have any padding. Any guesses?

So, speed run (as it were) for 4.35 km tonight. I feel awesome.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The expense of gear

The good news is that a new Running Free store opening up in my town. A town that needs it judging by the number of runners and cyclists seen in and around town. The bad news is that even with a sale and further discount, running gear is expensive.

I got Sugoi capris (but really, they are pants on me - I'm 5 feet tall) and a technical shirt. Plus, I finally bought a pair of good socks, Fox River 1/4 socks. I have been getting blisters after almost every 5k plus run and I decided to go ahead and give up on my old sports socks and vaseline regime and get into real running socks.

In terms of running, this week went well! I did run on my treadmill, but didn't do it in the AM or with a hill program (which my EVO FX2 Smooth does not have). I ran about 3k on Wednesday evening using the "run" program and it kicked my butt! It was way too fast! It is a good challenge though and I think what I may do is try to run 30 mins at slow pace and uncomfortable fast pace. Likely 2 and 2s or something. I haven't thought it all out yet. Friday, I ran 5k in about 35 mins plus warm up and cool down. Today (Sunday), I meet up with my friend again and we did 7k outdoor, but pushed way too fast in the first 3.5k. Combined with the humidity, I had a hard time with the straight run on the way back, but know that I will be able to pull through the the 10k route she wants to run in a few weeks, I just have to keep on it.

I didn't make it to Curves once. I had two offsite training days this week which meant no time for Curves. I'm really toying with leaving the club. I don't get anything out of it anymore and I could always run at lunch like some people do. We have a great big accessible bathroom at work and I could totally "shower up" in that.

Decisions, decisions.

Next week, we are away for five days camping and I'm bringing my running stuff. I plan to run once if not twice! Here's hoping! This week, I'll have to get 3 runs or 15k in by Friday night due to camping. That's pretty much the plans for the week.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Training begun

So I went for a 6.15km (according to MapMyRun) or 7.14km (according to gmaps pedometer) run this morning in Oakville with a friend of mine.

Let's go with gmaps, eh?

It was great to run with someone! It only took us about 45 minutes and we talked the entire time. We only took one short break at the half way point (ran an out and back) and I needed to walk to drink about two more times after that. This friend has run a half marathon in the past, but has a 15 month old and is getting back into running as exercise.

I can not believe what a difference running and talking makes. Even though I didn't know the route (so I couldn't enjoy the mental monologue You're almost halfway, only 1km to go), I found it easy to just keep chatting and running. It was a beautiful morning and we saw so many different running and cycling groups along the lakeshore of Oakville. At the end we agreed to meet up next Sunday and if this keeps up I'll have my "long" run covered!

This week, its all about sticking to the training plan. Wish me luck. I think the morning hill is what may kill me! HA.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sigh. Lately motivation has waxed and waned. It just seems so much easier to allow life to get in the way. Like yummy Indian dinners out with my husband followed by newly discovered cider.

However, I’ve signed up for the Toronto Women’s 5K race and my aim is to PB this run at a sub 30 minute time, officially – natch.

So, that means I’m going to have to get off of my butt.

Train (if you will).

Set a schedule for runs.

This is my plan:

One weeknight run (about all I typically fit in). This must be 5-7k

One weekend run (again, typical). The goal for this should be 10k (har, NOT typical)

One morning run on the treadmill (30 minutes of the hill program). This is net new. This can be done on Tuesday’s or Thursday’s when I don’t have to take my kid to my parents house for care.

Curves visits 2-3x a week (I’m a wee bit over Curves)

Baseball as scheduled

This is the two week plan. Revisions to come July 30th.

I will keep you updated.

I will follow it.

I will PB.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Comradery of Runners

I ran 5k (outside, started around 20:35, ran the entire thing, took about 33 mins) last night and noticed something.

Runners love to see other runners, well running.

I realize that this is a pretty bold statement for me to make and assumes that I consider myself a runner; however the truth is in the smiling!

Of course, you must understand my community. Milton is a smaller suburb of Toronto at the very western end of the GTA. It is a growing bedroom community (for the most part) and it is filled with young couples settling down as they grown their families and fulfill their dreams. It is also at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment which allows for all kinds of outdoor activities. Drive along any 2-lane road on a Saturday or Sunday in Milton and you will notice the plethora of road bikers and many, many yakima bike racks on cars. The community is active and this extends to recreational runners.

As I ran my normal 5k route last night, I passed half a dozen other runners. We all nodded and smiled. There is an inherent feeling of, Oh, you’re out here too! Good! when seeing others push themselves as you are.

That is another thing I love about runners: inclusion. It doesn’t matter is you’re a beginner or a Boston Marathoner, the running community is full of welcoming souls who all encourage you to… become a better runner. From advice to understanding (everyone hits a wall, no water what distance they run) the people I’ve found since beginning this running journey have all been wonderful.

Who knew that a bit of exercise would improve my view on people in general?

Monday, July 6, 2009

In case you’ve been wondering…

Yep, I haven’t run since Jun 16th. I had a small medical thing, so common that it is not worth going into here; suffice to say that it kept me from running. Now that I’m over all of that, I can rejoin the world of running once again.

And so, I did.

I did about 5.5km outside yesterday through my neighborhood in a big loop and quite enjoyed myself despite the heat. It is hard to judge distance without a Garmin and MapMyRun doesn’t have all of the new streets in place yet. As I said to the hubs upon my return, there were + and – to the run:

+ I ran
- I walked a whole heck of a lot of it
+ I remembered my hat
- I forgot my sun screen (not too bad – no burns, just more colour on my arms that I should have)
+ I ran with my water belt thing
- It still bumps around
+ I discovered if the water is only ¾ full and at my hip, it doesn’t bump so much
+ New route
- I had to run through construction and almost killed myself on some stones
+ my last song of the run came up as Neil Diamond!
- The run/walk took me 50 mins!
+ I got back out there!

The plan for the week includes the following:

M: Baseball
T: Curves, Baseball
W: Curves, Run (likely 5km treadmill as Hubs is out)
TH: Curves
F: Run (short – 5km?)
Sa: Long run (as in 7km?)

I’m debating signing up for another race as well to keep me focused.