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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I've always been a joiner

Really, I have. Of course, I consider myself a leader as well which is why I'd like to create this blog. It'll be random musings about all kinds of stuff and may or may not be of any interest to anyone other than myself, but really who cares? Much like the ever-talked about "viral campaigns" in my day job... if you try to create something that will be passed along or spoken about, it never will be. Things like that must grow organically to be of any value to anyone.

And so and introduction of sorts: I'm 31, a mum, an urbanite trapped in a suburban home (though willingly and without much fight), I work in advertising and read with a ready and varied appetite. I will blog about any randomness that I like and attempt to provide myself with a forum for bettering my writing along with a place to keep my thoughts for prosperity.

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