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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

 January 22, 2013 started with a banana and then a 0530 trip to the gym so that I could get my tempo run in on the treadmill rather then in the minus stupid degrees Celsius temperatures. 

Breakfast on the train followed. Peanut butter on a wrap and Powerade.


I went to the Toronto Board of Trade for a lunch talk on customer loyalty and this pear, walnut and blue cheese wilty and sad salad was the starter. The cupcake was chocolate-banana goodness with a caramel sauce, but I only ate half because I'm counting calories

Lunch. The salmon was atop a citrus fennel salad and the whole thing was rather good.

Dinner was eggs Benedict with mushrooms and brie topped with Sriracha. 

A desert of cantaloupe which was sweet and amazing.

Calorie burners.

With exercise, I ended the day with 77 calories in the bank, so not bad at all. I started food tracking last week and lost 1.2lbs, so let's hope I can drop 10 more to get to my goal.

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