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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Plantar Fasciitis

So I think I may have forgotten to mention that my left calf was cramped for the last 12k of the marathon which I ran on May 4th. I didn't really realize how bad it was at the time or even a few days after because my quads just hurt so badly.

However, now I know how much damage I've done.

I tried to run on Sunday (1 week post marathon) and I could barely manage a 6 minute kilometer for 5k.


A distance I've scoffed at unless it was a second run of the day.

I've watched some video of the finish of the marathon, and I can see that I was clearly limping from the calf strain.

This finally lead me back to Physio where the therapist massaged my calves and feet and then applied the laser and interferential current therapy on the bottom of my feet with heat on my calves.

I was not told that I can't run.

But I know it will just be painful.

I want to run so badly. I'm trying to get my ass off of the couch and at least do some core work... but meh.

I've rode my bike a few times... but meh.

I could get to the gym for other cardio.... meh.

I miss running.

This is like the shit icing on the shit marathon.

On the plus side, I've been selected to pace the Niagara Women's Half Marathon on June 1st. My time will be 2:05:00 continuous (5:55/km or 9:32/mi) and that is why I'm really taking my time to come back from this. I hope to be running by next week.

Slowly and short, likely but at least I'll be running.

I hope.


  1. Oh no. Take it easy and let that body heal.

  2. I feel ya on the meh. Stupid injuries. Why am I not taking this opportunity to work on strength? Because I don't wanna. I wanna run.


  3. I really hope you'll be ok for the pacing gig! can you tape your feet with KT the day of?

  4. So sorry about the foot Nicole. You must be very frustrated. Hopefully it will be good to go come pacing day! Hang in there.

  5. I hope you'll recover soon, Nicole! I was supposed to pace my friend in that race but pulled out last week, because this will be my first out of two races of the year and wish to run it for myself. We train together and I know she can run 2:05, but we were not sure if there were official pacers. Tomorrow I'll let her know about you and ask her to follow you! Hope to see you at the race too:)

  6. Your graphic is a perfect description! Hate it while doing it sometimes, but hate when you can't do it.

    And it wasn't a shit marathon... you were so happy about it last week!

    Focus on recovery. You've earned it after a tough marathon season. A little rest and you'll be as good as new. LITTLE in particular because you're pacing a half-marathon in less than two weeks! ACK!!


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