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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

#BQorBust, Take 3: Week 7

Back to reality this week. And reality meant a deep freeze!

Coming back from vacation and being sluggish coupled with a travelling husband and the cold meant that I spent a whole lot of time on the treadmill this week. In fact, only one run wasn't done on the treadmill and that was done on the indoor track at the Milton Sports Centre. Here's what the end of 53 laps around a 200m track looks like.

The weekend provided a much needed break though! We had a long weekend in Ontario to celebrate family day and I really feel like we actually got a chance to relax and chill out. There was hockey for my boys and rep lacrosse tryouts for my oldest son, but we also had friends over for dinner and did some simple things, like rolling all of the coins we had hanging around.

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I even managed to watch the US Olympic Marathon Trials live and was super inspired watching all of the runners, especially Amy and Shalane who reminded me of the Ottawa marathon run from last year. As Sam noted, we're the original A&S. As always, I was routing heavily for Meb who proves time and time again that age is just a number and I was thrilled to see him come in second place. I do admit that I got a bit afraid after a commercial break when I couldn't see him in the lead pack any longer, but I quickly realized that he had just tucked his singlet into his shorts. So funny how you can get personally invested in the elites. I actually spent the first hour watching the trials on my bike with Trainer Road and am happy to have fit cycling back into the mix. I hope to hit the bike at least twice this week.

Here's how my week 7 shook out:

Monday: 6k on the treadmill at lunch. I slept in and totally missed the 16k I was supposed to do.

Tuesday: Rest. My husband was travelling so that took before and after work out of the equation and I couldn't manage a lunch run either.

Wednesday: 8k in the evening. My husband was back home! YAY!

Thursday: 5k at lunch with the middle mile at BQ pace and 53 laps around the track for 10k in total. That made 15k on the day.

Friday: Rest in anticipation of running my long run the next day.

Saturday: I couldn't make the timing work for the run meet up based on my son's activities, so I ended up on my bike trainer for an hour with Black during the US Olympic Marathon trials. 22.5k in total.

Sunday: 29k. On the treadmill. All at once. Thank goodness I haven't had time to listen to the last three episodes of season two of Serial. Do you know what's on TV on Sunday mornings? Fishing shows, Infomercials and Church service. But when the temperature is -31c, I'm not heading outside for 3 hours. On purpose.

I made the run interesting by stopping for a minute or so after each 6 miles and changing pace every mile. That also helped. Never has the mantra "Run the Mile You're In" been more clear to me.

And that's it for week 7. I did miss a bit of distance (13k), but I also fit in a spin, so I'm calling evens on the week. Week 8 is on track thus far and we're getting a break from the cold, so that's always a good thing.

Total: 80.6k (50mi), 5hr, 23min
Run: 58.1k (36.1mi)
Cycle: 22.5k (14mi)


  1. Great week Nicole!! Awesome TM running.

  2. My excitement to run with you this weekend (outside!!!) is pretty much off the charts. Solid week!


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