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Friday, October 16, 2009


Is my bib number for the Oasis Zoo 10k Run taking place at the Toronto Zoo tomorrow at 9am.

I have pretty much no goals for this race other than to finish it (and of course I will finish it!).

I don't have any goals due to a number of things:

-I've never run 10k at once
-I haven't been running consistently since before my last race in August
-I am at my baseball banquet tonight (not drinking and hope to be home by 11, but still)
-I am, yet again, going to this race all alone
-Its FREAKING cold out there
-The route just LOOKs scary!

I will carry water (there are only two stops and I won't be able to go without in between). I guess my game plan is to see how I feel after 5k and then determine a walking/pace strategy from there. Mentally, I know I can run 8k pretty much without stopping to walk, but I have only done that when I'm running alongside Sarah blabbing away. I have no idea how I'll do with only Dave Matthews, The Killers and Journey to keep me going (note - must add to my run list).

Don't let this post fool you, I'm pretty freaking excited that I've managed to gain enough confidence in my running over the past year to even contemplate a 10k race. When I think back to where I was last October I really do applaud myself for how far I've come (vain as it sounds). I do wish that my husband and the kid could be there at the finish line, but alas, the kid has tumbling class and the husband does enjoy his sleep, so I'll rush home to share my glory with them. Then, I shall share it with all of you! Check my twitter (@nicmac) around 11:00 if you really want to know how I did. I'm hoping to finish between 1hr10 and 1hr15.


  1. Good luck tomorrow! You have a lot to be priud of, girl. A 10K!!! Have fun with it. The course is tough, but really fun.


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