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Thursday, October 22, 2009

"If you can run 10k...

...you can run a half."

Yup, I heard this on Sunday.


Um, so.

I think I may begin training for the May Mississauga Half in January (20 weeks is a good timeline, right?).

January is perfect timing because my Cardio Sculpt class will be finished as will the kid's parent and tot swimming class, so I'll have time to dedicate to running. I'll join a program as well for sure!

As long as work doesn't get in the way.

This week has been okay, but I haven't run as much as I wanted to. Sunday, I hosted 8 ladies for a cupcake exchange (CampCupCake)

Who runs after an afternoon of sampling nine different cupcakes? Not me! Nope, I eat pizza, more cupcakes and drink wine.

Monday I ended up working late and not getting home and eating until 8:30, so I didn't run. Tuesday I went to Curves at lunch and the aforementioned Cardio Sculpt at 7pm (which had lots of Cardio, just not running). Wednesday, I worked late. AGAIN (you'd think I perform kidney transplants or something, but nope, I work in marketing). Today I went to Curves and came home and ran 5.15k before dinner on the treadmill.

It was difficult for sure. The 6pm news is not easy to run to (perhaps because I can't stand Christine Bentley). I did eat an apple 30 minutes before my run, so I wasn't lacking in energy or anything, the run was just tough and my right leg/knee was twinging.

I wish I didn't commute almost 3 hours a day, I'd love to run right after work way more often.

So, a low-key week (with exercise, but not a lot of running - yet) and a plan (kinda).

Amazing what a good race will do for you!

Thanks for the comments in my race report. I'm still on the high!


  1. Exciting stuff! I wondered how long it would be before you started thinking about a half. :)

  2. i have a yuck-o commute too... it's really going to stink next week with dst! :-/

    is there anyway you can run near work and then drive home? maybe not everyday, but to spice it up a little. just a thought.

    lol about eating more instead of running. i'm bad about that too...

  3. HA lindsay! I work 56.6km from home (35.2 miles). I first drive to my parents (17ish km - which I'll use as a training run one day, you know when I get into that kind of training), then I get on a commuter train and go downtown Toronto. I couldn't run to or from my parents as I drop the kid off there. Besides, at 6:30am, its just as dark! I really have to either get back into treadmill running or take my Wed lunchtime gym visit and turn it into a run. We shall see.


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