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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Kicks

On Monday I went to the Running Room and picked up a pair of new kicks:

New Balance 850s

I tried them out last night.

I felt like springs in my legs.

So yeah, I guess it was time for new shoes!

5.6k on the treadmill in 39:41 doing 10/1s.

Nothing much more to write, I’m pretty head down on the goal now.


  1. cute new shoes!

    pick your head up :) get ready for a great 2010 for you! think about all you want to accomplish and finish this year strong. even if you can't get your original goal, you can still give it all you got!

  2. HA! Thanks Lindsay! When I said, "Head Down". I meant I was focused on the goal! I hope to meet it, but ... see my latest post! EEEE! :(


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