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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not Since Dec 15

I haven't run since December 15th (when I vomited while on the treadmill - but still finished the run!).

I have been alternately tired, sick, or generally BLAH.

I do know what is wrong with me though:

I'm about 15 weeks along and starting to come out of the fog!

Plans! Well, plans include trying to get out for jogs or fast walks in the next few weeks. I have been going to Curves about once a week, but that's a quite recent addition (I've caught every single sickness I could have and lost 5lbs between months two and three!).

The goal is NOT to end up at 193+ lbs (I never got weighted after 38 weeks last time) this time and to successfully have a VBAC, so exercise will be important.

Sigh, I miss running. I hope to get back to something like it and soon.

Oh yeah, I'll be half marathoning in May 2011! Whee! Its awesome to put that on paper!


  1. Congratulations! Very exciting news. Wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy!


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