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Friday, March 18, 2011

What a week!

First, it is March Break, so this week has seemed like a holiday, even though it has pretty much been business as normal for this on mat-leave mum. It has seemed a lot busier so there has not been much time for blogging.

Here is the week of running:

Sunday, 12k - varied pace. We were supposed to run the trail around the man made lake again and while it was a lovely, sunny morning, it was icy. We started off okay on the sidewalks, but once we got on trails it was very icy. We came up to the front of the group during one of the tempo parts of the run and they were stopped. I don't know WHAT I was thinking, but I kept running even though everyone was yelling, "ice! ICE!" I was slowing down, but I thought the ice was in the tunnel we were about to run through, not on the down sloped path into it.

You see where this is going yet?

Yes, I had an EPIC wipe out. My tailbone hit, my legs flew in front of me, my arm skidded down the mud and I cracked my head. We abandoned the trail and finished the 12k and I spent the rest of the day with a slight headache.

Tuesday was 5.8k easy. We ran another trail run out and back and we did it in complete daylight! Yippee!!! I took my earbuds out for this run and chatted away with a lovely woman and got the "easy" run done a wee bit too quickly (6:50 min/k), but it was nice.

Wednesday was our very first day of hills! We ran 4x400 meter hills. Plus warm up with strides and cool down.

I am not a fan.

To say the least.

Thursday was all messed up because I had both kids (due to March Break) and had to be at an appointment at 11, so I skipped my normal gym run.

Tonight, I put in a very quick 3.5k as soon as my husband got home from work. This worked out quite well as he made supper while I ran.

Tomorrow brings 5.5k.

32k for the week.

Not bad considering I used to struggle to fit in 15.

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