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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spend a little... spend a lot!

This weekend I took advantage of the Running Room gift card I got from my parents for my birthday last week and also a great sale at a certain big box store. What follows is my haul:

Yes, they are men's, but they were on clearance for $5 and have built in underwear. With my thunder thighs muscular quads, I need something loose that won't drive me crazy with ride up, so I'm going to give these a chance for gym and hot outdoor running.

These 3/4 length tights are more like ankle waders on me, but they are super light and will be great for long runs. I'm thinking these may be the race pants on May 15th.

We ran 16k yesterday, and after last Sunday's 14k, I knew I needed something extra to get me through. I bought this particular flavour on the recommendation of my pace group leader. It was okay, but a bit sweet. I think I'll try the lemon flavour next week. I took half of this at 6k and half at 11k, but next Sunday we are doing a varied pace 16k with T and M paces, so I think I'll be needing two.

And finally (at the big box store - on sale for $150):

Happy Tax refund to me!

This major purchase confirms my runner status to me even more. Especially because when I made my facebook status: "Just bought a Forerunner 305! Yippee!", half of the people who commented on it thought I had bought a new car. HA!

Now, I'm putting my wallet away for a while... even though I need new shoes!

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  1. Great choices on the purchases!! Especially the Garmin!! (Big Box [I think I know where you mean] sells them soooo much cheaper)

    Way to go on the long run!


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