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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hamilton Half Marathon Goals!

Well, the goal for this half marathon has changed so many times since I signed up back in June.

At first I just wanted to beat my time from Mississauga, so that goal would have been sub 2:13:49.

Then, throughout this training cycle, I started gaining speed and started hitting PBs. Then I started to play with McMillan's Calculator and decided I could run the race in sub 2:05:00.

Then lots of peeps on Daily Mile started suggesting that I could run the half faster. And so I did some test pace runs.

And I gained confidence.

The final piece to the puzzle came together, when one of the people who inspires me most in my running life confirmed that she would be the 2:00 Pace Bunny.

As such, my goal is clear:


Or bust.

My strategy is going to be the one that Marlene suggested. I'm going to go out strong, right behind her and stick with her pace (which should be 5:40/km) until we hit the down hill portion of the course.

As the course descends the 142m, I will be letting my legs fly. I may attempt to keep my pace around 5:00/km, but the goal on the hill (which should last around 5-6km) is to BANK TIME.

Once the hill is done, I plan to stick to the 5:40s and keep my time in the bank. I'm worried about the turn onto the waterfront trail and the wind. Currently the weather is expected to be perfect, with partly cloudy skies, 12c, but with winds up to 35km/hr. We run along the lake for the last 5k and I want my bank of time for this part. If it all falls apart once I leave Marlene and the 2 hr group, my plan is to ensure I stick with them to the end.

I've already got some ideas of the way I'll motivate myself through the last 5k, and I'll be sure to take photos once I land on them.

So, there it is.

The goal.

The plan.

Now, I just need to lace'em up and toe that line.

See you after the finish!


  1. sounds like a great plan. Marlene will be an awesome bunny! You're going to do great I'm sure...you've trained very hard. Have a great race!

  2. Good Luck!

    Hope you have good weather and an awesome race.

  3. YEAH GIRL! Good plan.

    Just be mindful of your EFFORT on the downhill. Don't worry about pace too much... just make sure you feel in control. The hill will help you fly and you should be able to gain a couple of minutes for sure.

    I will be hoping I DON'T catch up to you on the waterfront trail. Just hang in there at that point!!

  4. terrific post! And I am so pleased to see you going for a sub-2:00! I am at home now thinking of you while you are running in Hamilton. I hope you are having an amazing time and I'm looking forward your race report!

  5. how cool that marlene will be (was - since i'm late on commenting here!) your pace bunny! i hope you had a great race!!


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