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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Recap!

It occurs to me that I didn't recap April last month! Well, April was the final push toward the marathon, with a longest ever training run of 34km and a total distance of 227km (peak month was March). It set me up quite nicely for May!

May was a spectacular month. Of course, it was marathon month, but I also kept up running and strongly!

# of runs: 18 (not bad considering I ran the marathon May 5th! I think yo can say that recovery has gone well)

Races: One, the Mississauga Marathon

Highlight run of the month: Duh! Of course it was the marathon with the incredible run and strong finish!

Total KM: 180.44. Again, recovery from the marathon has gone incredibly well. I haven't really gotten any long runs in (my next longest run in May was 15.8km  the week after the race), but I've been consistent in getting up and out for morning runs of about 5-7.5km which bodes well for my summer training. I also started some core and arm work which I aim to continue indefinitely.

Total time spent running: 17h24m10s

Average pace per KM: 0:05:47. This is about where my new easy pace is so most of my runs are executed around here.

June is off to a brilliant start in every way and I'm even lining up new workouts to add to my runs in order to strengthen them. June 17th is when I'll start my new Jack Daniels based running program (no whiskey required) which will bring challenges that I am looking to fully embrace in every way. I hope you had a great May as well. I'd love to hear about your next goal race or summer training plans!


  1. Great month Nicole, especially your marathon. Happy training!!

  2. Awesome month Nicole. You already know all about my goals and plans. LOL Keep up the good work!

  3. You had a great month! May was our marathon month too and recovery, for the most part, has gone well :)


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