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Monday, September 2, 2013

August Recap!

August ended up being an epic month for me. I paced my first race and hit my highest monthly mileage. I had some serious stomach troubles during my runs at the start of the month, but those seem to have cleared up now (thank goodness). I ended the month a bit unsure if I'll be able to hit my goal during the half marathon on October 20th, but I have a good few weeks left of training to build the confidence required.

# of runs: 20! Considering how much distance I got in, I'm very surprised to see how many days I took off.

# of runs started before 5am: 11. I hope I can keep this up through the winter.

Races: 1 Pacing the Midsummer Night's Run, 30k three-hour group

Highlight run of the month: The midsummer run of course!

I had a lot of not-so-good runs as well, including an attempt to run 28k before work which resulted in a huge stomach upset and only 12k run:

I didn't give up on getting some distance in that weekend. Even though we were in Ottawa visiting family, I went out on Sunday morning (with my husband's blessing) for a short 10k run which turned into 10 miles on the Trans-Canada Trail. I did this run with only 8oz of water and was perfectly fine. I could have run another 10k, I'm sure.

I continued to run my long runs with Sam and basically chased her through tempo portions of the long runs per the Daniel's running formula. Thank goodness I have someone crazy enough to join this challenge with me. The weather this month was difficult. At the top of the month, it cooled off and I was loving my perfect running temperatures of about 12c. Then, it got humid. And sticky. And hot. And humid. It was gross. Even in a gym with A/C

Total KM Run: 256.64k

Total Time Spent Running: 24h59m15s

Average Pace per KM: 0:05:51

Not too bad for 11 days off, stomach troubles and HUMIDITY! September brings another pacer race (Milton Half Marathon on September 15th - 2hr continuous) and the build of confidence.

I need to get some swagger back into these bones. I'm hoping the next few weeks brings that in spades.


  1. Love love your race costume. I have never done a dress up race and they do look so fun.

    I hope you have a fabulous September. Hurray to less humidity!

    1. Thank Elle. The humidity has broken and the running is soooo good! I've run every day so far this month!

  2. You're intense Nicole! And inspiring, in a sweaty kinda way ;)

    1. Sweat is my fat crying... or something like that...

  3. Congratulations on a great month! I am not used to kilos so I always have to do the conversion when I read your blog so I can understand lol! Hope September is just as great for you!

    1. 160 miles this month! I know some basic conversions because of treadmill running. I'll try to keep both in mind when posting!


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