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Friday, September 20, 2013

How to take a great race photo!

So, I'm kinda known for getting some great race photos. Frequently, I get comments on this blog or on my DailyMile page that my photos are The Best. I'm not going to lie, this makes me happy.

But getting great race photos are not difficult. In fact, you can prepare for them the same way you prepare for a race.

1) Visualize how you want your race photo to look. Do you want to be smiling? Thumbs up? Sprinting? Its all up to you:

Bread & Honey 5, 2009 - second race ever.
Clearly, I had this strategy down!
 2) Notice your surroundings. Seriously. At larger races, there will be photographers on various parts of the course. If you pay attention, you can get some really nice photos taken using the strategy above (you may also get random strangers taking photos of you that you'll never find online because everyone seems to have fancy DLSR's now, but what'evs!):

Oh hey! That looks like a photographer!
Yep, I'm awesome!
Bread & Honey 15k, 2011
3) In addition to above, re-run races because you'll likely find photographers in the same locations, year after year:
First Half Marathon: Mississauga, 2011
9 months (to the day) postpartum from Fergus

First Full Marathon: Mississauga, 2012
Man-shorts look good, eh?

Second Full Marathon: Mississauga 2013
Super, amazing day!
Lady-shorts look better!
4) There will always be a photographer at the finish line. Be prepared.
Midsummer Night's Run 30k, 2013
I was the three hour pacer
I actually PRACTICED this on training runs
5) No matter what, try to be happy! You're doing something you love! You're racing!!!
Around the Bay 30k, 2013
Robbie Burns 8k, 2013
Chilly Half Marathon, 2013
It always helps when you know the race exceeded all expectations, of course
Finish of the Mississauga Marathon, 2013
I didn't care about the sprint
I was all about the capturing the AMAZING feeling I had
My all time fave photo. This is pure joy.
I am not hamming it up for the photographers.
I'm seriously so happy with the time I see.
So next time you're racing, try to remember these tips and you too will be making a beeline for the race photos, looking for those awesome moments captured forever. Who knows, you may even get on next years race brochure (I'm still waiting!).


  1. What an awesome post!!! Made me smile! Now to only remember to do it for the photogs! I only remembered to channel my inner Nicole in Mississauga this year, and got a good finish line photo :)

  2. Such a fun read. These really ARE great race photos and you must be absolutely thrilled to have them. Good for you!

  3. I could never pull off a single one of these shots! I never notice the photographers on course and I'm to busy running my ass off at the finish line to remember to smile. Better make sure to remind me at Scotia so that I don't ruin your shot! LOL BTW, your body has really changed in these photos. Looking good, girl!

  4. *takes notes* I usually spot the photographers too late (although I did get a good one at the zoo run last year). Or when I do see them, it's just some random with a DSLR. Some guy with a fancy camera has a GREAT picture of me from Midsummer!

  5. Haha I love this! You do always have nice race photos! I'm always too in the zone to care about photographers, though if I see them I try to smile at least.

  6. This should be required reading for everyone doing a race. Great photos, great smile and great post Nicole!

  7. you do take excellent photos! I always get awkward at the site of the photog and end up looking more awkward. I love the heel click photo and LOVE that you practiced it. Turned out great!


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