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Monday, November 11, 2013

October Recap

So yes, this is late! Its been very busy!

More on that later!

# of Runs: 17. Hey man, I had a lung infection in there at the end of the month!

# of runs started before 5am: Nine. I did a few races and afternoon runs this month!

Races: 2 Scotia Half. Scotia was a brutal run for me in terms of the mental game. It really made me question if I have it in me to go and run an aggressive marathon again. Good thing I'm not going to attempt one until next May! I did manage to recover enough to enjoy finishing my 10th half marathon though.

Best run of the month: The County Half Marathon. This was the other race I ran in October. Without a doubt, I'll be back at this race. I've already asked the race organizer if they need pacers for the half or full. Even with all of the rain, I loved this run so hard! And yep, that's a RunEmz shirt. Love.

I struggled this month. I was sick right before Scotia. I wasn't sure I'd get the goal in at Scotia and I didn't. Then, I found out that I had a lung infection and that threw me off more training despite looking for redemption at Hamilton to start November. It isn't good when you feel like you're never going to make your goal or that you set the bar too high. Sometimes, you just have to remember how much fun it is to run in the rain.

Total KM Run: 176.06 (109.4 miles) I have no worries about making my 2,400 km in 2013 goal

Time spent running: 16hrs9min14sec

Average pace per KM: 0:05:30/km (0:08:52/mi)

So now is the down time. Although my marathon cycle begins on November 25th, the real training doesn't start until December 30th. As always my goals include eating better, gaining core strength, getting nicer arms and maybe losing some weight.

We'll see how all of that goes.

I may just decide to go on a run streak instead.

Hope you had a great month!


  1. Great month, especially since you weren't feeling well! Way to go.

  2. Nine runs before 5am require a lot of dedication and I applaud you for your consistent hard work, Nicole!

  3. Great month! of course November started off pretty well for you too :) Enjoy the downtime,

  4. Downtime is important too. You'll miss it soon enough.
    You can work on those FLOTUS arms, and maybe even spend some extra time with your family before you dig in again!

  5. Great month considering you were unwell! Those pre 5am runs really show what you're made of! Enjoy the down time!

  6. Another great month of making it happen


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