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Friday, November 22, 2013

Run Streak

I have run every day since November 9th.


Not too shabby!

The idea for my run streak came about during the summer of embrace the suck Jack Daniel's Running Formula training that saw me run upwards of six days in a row at times. I often felt so good that I didn't want to take the rest day, but I did because I was training hard.

My "off season" was delayed when I decided to run the Road2Hope Half Marathon but I knew that with easy running ahead of me, I'd decide to go out on a streak.

As you can see, I've not run exceptionally long in terms of distance, but I've had some amazing runs.

In daylight!

Early in the morning!

On the trails with friends:

And in some BRIGHT clothing (cheeky wee tag on my New Balance Tights):

I've even run in a skirt!

Today felt a big sluggish even though I managed a 5:49 pace per KM (9:23/mi). I'm really enjoying getting these runs in and I don't know how long I will continue to run everyday. It won't last forever, I can tell you that. My spring marathon training ramp up starts on Monday and I'm targeting to get up to 68k/wk in the next two weeks. I think I'll need the rest! My original goal was 15 days which I'll hit tomorrow and then I'll see how I feel. Right now I'm fighting a cold and that may be my undoing. 

In all, I'm glad I decided to take on this adventure. I've had a lot of fun so far and have honestly been amazed by how easy the running has been.

Hope your off season or training is keeping you well!


  1. Great job, Nicole, and nice photos!

  2. Nothing better than being able to do something you enjoy!

  3. Love your pics. Congrats on your streaking! Make sure you give yourself some time to rest before the ramp up. Feel better.

  4. 5 am ?? You are definitely my hero!

  5. Great job Nicole! That is a lot of miles!


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