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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mississauga Marathon Training Weeks 17 & 18

Somehow I missed these updates! Whoops! Work has been insanely busy. Like, 14 hour days. Oh well, still moving right along and into the marathon plan

Week 17: I decided to swap this and week 18 around to allow for a semi taper before Around the Bay. This meant another 85, er 82k week.

Monday: Rest, sweet rest.

Tuesday March 18th: Tuesday Treadmill Tempo run! I did 3k warm up, then 20 minutes of tempo at 4:46/km pace, 2k easy and 10 minutes of tempo, with the rest easy. I had no pain in my foot! WooHoo! I wore the new PUMA tank top my client gave to me and it looks and feels good, but I totally forgot to vaseline up my arm pits and got bad chafe. Oh well, live and learn. 14k, 1:15:59

Wednesday March 19th: I worked 14 hours with an asshole stomach and couldn't get any kind of run in.

Thursday March 20th: My last day of being 36, so I ran 3.6 miles. 5.79k, 33:50

Friday March 21st: I turn 37! I run 19.77 (year of birth) in the morning as I have the day off. Time:  1:58:47. Then we went and bought this! I can't wait for camping season! We've booked four trips so far!

Saturday March 22nd: Beauty run with Bridgett who is also running the 25k at Sulphur Springs. 10.1k, 59:33

Sunday March 23rd: I had 32k on the plan, but the running room only had 23k. So I drove out to the store early, put in 9k on my own and joined the group for our now typical group run to Brampton and back. The route is challenging and I wanted to take it slower. This worked out as Erika joined me as she was a bit hungover and not feeling like pushing pace. We were able to maintain a decent pace, but walked for gels and for some bad ice patches. The weather felt like it was finally going to turn! 32k, 3:13:06.

Total KM: 81.67 (50.75 mi), Total Time: 8:01:15, Average pace per KM: 0:05:54 (0:09:29/mi)

Week 18: Around the Bay week! I was feeling pretty good going into this week. My confidence wasn't quite there but my PF wasn't acting up and otherwise I was feeling great. Maybe those thyroid pills are also working?

Monday March 24: Rest

Tuesday March 25th: Town Camp registration day!!! I got up at 0430 and took a run outside!!!! I didn't bother with tempo or speedwork and just ran. My legs were cold despite the winter tights I had on. Is the winter EVER going to end? 10k, 58:21, kids got into their camps!

Wednesday March 26th: I ended up with another 14 hour day on Tuesday. I slept in on Wednesday and then just couldn't fit the run in. It happens; you gotta roll with it at times.

Thursday March 27th: Hit the treadmill before work and wanted to get at least 6k at race pace in. But I was tired. and sluggish. I managed to run 3k at race pace (5:06/km) and was happy to just finish the run. 10k, 56:20

Friday, Saturday: Strategic rest for Around the Bay.

Sunday March 30th: Around the Bay Race. 30k, 2:42:09 and an 11 minute PB

Total KM: 50.32 (31.27 mi), Total Time: 4:36:50, Average Pace per KM: 0:05:30 (0:08:51)

All in all, not bad for the past two weeks despite some work challenges. Now, the next month is about the confidence build. Its not there right now, but I'm committed to putting in the work to get there.

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