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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A confidence problem


Radio silence on this front for the past little while. Yes, I've been running including my last long run of the program (33k over the last 33k of the Mississauga Course). In my planned outfit of course

It didn't go well.

Peter showed up to run with me as he will be pacing me on Marathon day. The plan we came up with was to run the last 15k or so at pace (5:10/km). This meant starting the pace work after the turn around on Southdown Road at the Mississauga/Oakville boarder. So we (Yan was also with us), started and...

I. Just. Couldn't.

My legs were fine.

My breathing and head were a mess.

Peter gave me some good tips and motivation and him and Yan ran slightly ahead as I did my best to catch them.

Yan, Peter and me at the end of the run. Its never all bad with running friends!

I. Just. Couldn't.

It hasn't been good for my confidence at all.

I'm very afraid that I've bitten off more than I can chew. That I haven't put enough work into this to make the time. And at the same time... what does the time really matter? At the end of the day, I'm going to finish a third marathon. I'm very likely going to run it in a PR time. And?

I've raised $3,600 for Wishes for Olivia in support of Make A Wish Canada.

I think this marathon is already a success.

Regardless of what happens in 9 days.

I'd, um, just like a bit of mo-jo back.


  1. you know all this but: 1.) you are going to be fresh, rested, and fueled for race day, which is going to make a huge difference. 2.) you've put in tonnes of work, more than enough, it'll show on race day 3.) If you don't hit your time goal, you are right; You've Done Something awesome. You're doing great

  2. Don't sweat it Nicole. I'm going through the same thing. Questioning my training and if I can even run a 50k 6 weeks after a marathon. I cut my distance this week to get more rest. You're in the taper now so just rest up and believe in the work that you did all winter will pay off next Sunday.

  3. You're going to be awesome no matter what happens. Congratulations for raising so much money for a very worthy cause. Olivia is proud of you and so am I.

  4. You should have confidence...I can't run marathon pace in training AT ALL! I can never get myself motivated or moving fast enough in training. It's not supposed to be easy in training. You are doing way more mileage before that long run and you go right into the next week. That's what the taper's for. It's so important to BELIEVE you can do something even if it doesn't work out. The marathon is mental and you must go in ready to fight and conquer. You can do it!

  5. From what I understand, your mind gives up before your body. I hope you get your mojo back in time for the race.

    Believe in your training, trust yourself, and have the best race you can have.

    And you have some amazing positives to focus on: You will be running your third full-marathon, it will probably be a personal best, AND YOU REACHED YOUR GOAL FOR THE FUNDRAISING!

    You're awesome. Keep repeating that to yourself in the last half of the race!!!


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