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Friday, May 2, 2014

Mississauga Marathon: Race Goals

Has there ever been a more obvious post in the history of this blog? As if anyone who reads this (pretty much all of whom are friends I know if real life), doesn't know what my goals for this Sunday are.

But, let's put them out there, shall we?

I had two goals when I started training for this race, way, way, way back in November! We'll talk about the time goal in a bit, but the other goal was to raise money for Wishes For Olivia in support of Make-A-Wish Canada.

I wanted to raise $3,400.

I wan't sure I would be able to do it.

I am ECSTATIC to let you know that I have raised:


In support of this cause and charity! I had 71 lovely friends, family and even strangers come out of the woods to put some of their hard earned money toward this cause which is so close to my heart and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your support.

Now, my other goal.

The one based on time.

Say it with me:


This time will qualify me for the Boston Marathon (I likely won't get to the start line, but... details)

But, I'm reluctant to put all of my eggs in this basket. I don't want this race to be deemed a non-success if I don't reach my above time goal. Especially when I've already had such success with my fundraising. And you never know what race day will bring!

So, I will put down B, C, and D goals as well.

B Goal: 3:45:00 - this would still be an amazing accomplishment!

C Goal: PB with a sub 3:51:31 - who doesn't love a PB?

D Goal: Not to crap my skirt (as always!!!!)

Ultimate goal: Cross that finish line, smiling, happy and proud of what I've done. Because on Sunday, I will finish my third marathon. I will have raised a significant amount of money which will help make wishes come true for some deserving children. I will have honoured Olivia and shared her and her memory with others.

And all of that, regardless of what the watch says, is reason to smile.

I'll toe the line at 0730. Bib 469

See you on the other side of the finish.


  1. Will be thinking of you on Sunday! You are so inspiring!

  2. WOOHOOOOO!!!! Good luck! So if all goes according to plan, you should be coming down the finishing straight shortly after 11. Hmmmm.....I'm going to do my damndest to be there!

  3. Yeah, baby! Here we are. You're going to have a blast regardless. Smile, you've already made a difference. My money is that you won't be crapping your skirt either. I'll see you at the finish line!

  4. First of congrats on the fundraising, that's terrific! Good luck on Sunday and have a great race...

  5. You'll definitely get a PB running with me. It's in my name! Let's go get em


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