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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More Off-Season, More sleep

Off-season continues to truck along in these parts. As mentioned last week, one of the things I've been trying to keep on top of in this off-season is my quality sleep. Let's face it, I'm a busy person. I commute 2.5 hours a day and I'm frequently attending my son's sporting events at the hockey rink. Fitting in quality workouts mean that I need to get up early at times. Even on the weekend. 0430 alarms are not new for me.

One of the best features of my Fitbit Flex is that I can set it to track my sleep. Once my sleep is activated, the Flex will also track my sleep, restlessness and awake time (when Fergus comes into my room at 3am and has me take him back to his room). I set my goal of 7 hours of sleep this off season. I've been trying to follow this religiously and thus far, I'm doing well (don't look at Saturday night, I stayed up too late reading and we had to be up early for a hockey game).

Quality sleep allows for good workouts and a repaired body. You can Google the studies yourself, but you know its true. The goal in off-season is to set up good habits which will see me through the spring season strong and healthy. Sleep will go a long way towards hitting these goals.

Last week went really, really well! I'm still in love with the trainer and have rediscovered my love for the pool!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: TR - Ericsson, 60 minutes - Single Leg Drills and Spin-Ups at 5am YAY!

Wednesday: 8k run, early AM

Thursday: 30 minutes free-weights at lunch, TR - Carson, 60 minutes PM - hill drills! Finally got my big ring on!

Friday: Early AM 15k long run. My son was in a hockey tournament Friday, Saturday, Sunday. They came in third.

Saturday: TR- Eclispe. 90 minutes of riding with 60 of that in the sweet spot. This was tough.

Sunday-Funday: Ignoring all my advice about better sleep yielding more energy and better results:

40 minutes free ride on the trainer
35 minutes of swimming
7k running

So, last week was a win! I hit my goal of increasing my run distance and getting back into the pool. I also didn't skip my weight training (but I wanted to!). Not a bad week, not at all:

7 hours, 36 minutes of activity
1.2k of swimming
30k of running
89.5k of cycling

This is without a doubt, the best off season I've had.


  1. Doing awesome! It seriously impresses me SO much how you get it all in when combined with that commute.

    1. Really, all it means is that I'm in bed a lot earlier that I would be if I had a shorter commute. Too bad core work is frowned upon in public otherwise I could do some on the train!

  2. Sleep is so important for sure. I don't get great sleep (wake up a lot), but try and get longer time in bed (also 7 hour goal). Nice work on the training and switching it up for the off season.

    1. Thanks Robin. I wish I got better sleep, but Fergus pretty much wakes me up every night. YAWN.

  3. I wish I could sleep more but that would mean no workouts. Boo. I like how your fitbit tracks your sleep. That's cool. Nice job last week!! Winning!

    1. I wish you could sleep more as well. Thanks for the support!

  4. I wish I could sleep more but that would mean no workouts. Boo. I like how your fitbit tracks your sleep. That's cool. Nice job last week!! Winning!

  5. That sleep tracking thing from your Fitbit is really, really neat! Much better than my pen and pencil format.
    But, knowing that you're being tracked is an incentive to get the sleep in! Good for you!!

    1. Its great! I highly recommend a fitness tracker just for this feature!


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