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Monday, December 7, 2015

Off Season, Weeks 4 & 5: One step forward, Two steps back...

So, weeks four and five have come along in the off season! I had a bit of a lag last week, but such is life. Week four was pretty special! I got back into the pool with a coach and I got in a great run with the girls!

Monday: TR Tunnabora. This started with Isolated Leg Drills which I hate, but I did this in the living room as my husband was away and I brought the trainer up to watch TV while I rode.

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 30 minutes strength training in the afternoon, TR Geiger in PM. I really pushed myself in this one.

Thursday: Treadmill lunch run with 1.5 miles at BQ pace just for some leg speed. I didn't want to do this, but got it in! Total was 5 miles.

Friday: TR Warlow. 1.5 hours of workout before heading to book club to undo it all with wine and appetizers.

Saturday: 18.5k with Sam and Ivanka in Burlington. Great times! So great to run with people again! Then 40 minutes easy spinning with TR Recess.

Sunday: Irina came out to Milton and coached me through lane swim. What a difference in my speed by the end! I need to find more time to swim. Then I rounded out the week with a 6.61k run.

Total: 122.62km and 8h10m29s of training. Whew!

Week five started out just as strong! But life and the BLAHS just got in the way!

Monday: Once again, my husband was away, so the trainer came up to the living room and I rode while my boys and I watched Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time. Cute movie and a perfect length for a 1 hour trainer ride.

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Alasdair had a 6am hockey practice, but my dad was picking him up to bring him back to my folks and feed him breakfast/get him to school. So after I dropped him off, I went for a quick 5k run. At lunch, I hit the gym for more Strength trainer, but I really didn't want to do anything. I used the machines for this session and was there for 35 minutes total. That night, I switched up my trainer ride and rode the 90 minute Palisade ride. Whew!

Thursday: I finally got out for an early morning run! 8k easy and steady which was simple after the hard bike the night before!

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Friday: I had the day off because we were hosting our annual Christmas party on Saturday and I wanted to do the majority of running around. The problem is, I couldn't bring myself to get out for my planned long run. I did my running around and missed lane swim. So, I hopped on the bike for the 1 hour Tallac workout in TR. At least I did something.

Saturday: Sigh. My alarm, which I had thought I set correctly, didn't go off. No long run. I did manage a 6k run after my party running around was completed.

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Sunday: HAHAHA. I was a bit of a zombie on only 5.5 hours sleep but I did ride 40 minutes recovery on the bike.

Total: 111.11km, and 6k34m36s of training. Whew. Not quite the 111.13 that Sam did though.

This week, I am REALLY hoping to hit the pool twice! The long run needs to be at least 20k and I'm in the final week of my Trainer Road plan! Let's hope the piles of left over food and wine at my house don't derail me throughout the week! After that, its time to build up a bit harder before distance training begins!


  1. Good work on the training, always tough to squeeze it all in this time of the year.

  2. I think you are doing awesome! Loving that you like the trainer.


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