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Friday, March 6, 2009

Um... I'm a runner?

For reals? I think I'm a runner now. I just finished another 6.6km on a Friday night. That took 50 minutes and I did 11 and 1s. I actually REALLY enjoy the pace of 10/1s because I get a wee bit freaked out trying to run for like 30 mins straight, but doing 3x 10/1s is no problem and just FLYs by.

Now, yes I did this on the treadmill tonight. When the temperature in the GTA was 18 C. In my defense, I do not and can not run prior to 8pm when my kid goes to bed. I'm not about to attempt my first run outside in the dark especially when my subdivision is still under construction.

I want to recap my goals for the week:

1) Curves - went once. It was a busy work week with a lunch date on Wednesday and a conference on Thursday which made it impossible to get to Curves more than that (being out all day made for an extra busy day today)
2) Running. The idea is to get 15km/3 runs in a week. I did 13.2km in two runs. I will not run tomorrow as we are going to a wedding. WOOT!
3) Water - I've drank my 2 plus litres per day so far. Yippee!
4) I did not run outdoors. Yet.

So I just want to mention that I'm a runner now. I've run 104.55km since January 1st. I am NO WHERE near my goal/resolution of getting to 5km in 30 mins (averaging about 37 mins), but I'm getting less and less concerned about that goal and more and more interested in running outdoors and getting to 10km! Who would have thought it? This it totally crazy to me because for YEARS I thought I would HATE running.

I totally, totally, totally hope that running outdoors will not ruin my new found love.

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  1. Wow, look at you! Congratulations on your progress!

    So exciting that you're running the Mississauga 5K - I hear it's a great event.

    And don't worry, running outside will only enforce your love of the sport!


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