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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well I ended February under my goal of 60km by 17.5km. Basically I missed a week of runs. Sigh. I was in Vancouver over the weekend and while we did walk for at least 10km on Saturday, there was narry a run to be had (despite best intentions). I have not been eating well either and my weight today at Curves was 153.6lbs. I JUST CAN’T LOOSE WEIGHT! I know it is because I’m not eating the right way to do so, but I’m not unhappy with the way I look. The number just bugs. Anyway, so I got in my first workout of March today and will aim for the 60km again in March. If I don’t make it to the treadmill tonight, I will do so for tomorrow! I am also going to make some awesome lentil soup so that I have a nice and healthy lunch/dinner option in the freezer. Goals for the month:

1. Run 60km
2. Run outdoors
3. Make it to Curves 12 times
4. Drink 2L of water every day
5. Eat fruit and Veggies every day

Let’s see how I go, eh? Notice the lack of goals about booze? It’s my birthday month and thus sometime around March 21st, its M-Fing booze time.

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