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Friday, March 27, 2009

I know... I know

Narry a word or a run in over a week. EEEKKK!

I did manage to get to Curves three times last week, but only twice this past week (w/o March 23). The goal tomorrow is a nice, long OUTDOOR run! I know where to run to get 5km in and that is the key goal. I got some nice running stuff for my birthday (headbands and water bottle), so I can try those out. I really need an iPod armband though. Hmmm.

In way different news, I gave up my beloved chat boards for lent and... I don't miss them. Perhaps it is twitter and TweetDeck that is filling the need. Perhaps it is the fact that I can barely pee at work, let alone find time to be bored, but I'm unsure if I'll return on Easter Sunday the way I did last year. Hmm. One to think about for sure.

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