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Friday, September 4, 2009

The week before vacation

Is always the craziest week at work, eh?

So, after the race last Saturday, I promptly got up on Sunday morning (making 7 days in a row that the alarm woke me) to run 7.7k with my friend Sarah in Oakville. She kept me honest and kept me running (despite some stomach cramps) and I was very glad to have gone out with her.

Then, the work week from hell happened and all exercise plans were shot to hell. Witness:

Monday: Baseball, and I had run 12.7k in two days, so a day off for me

Tuesday: Ill - something I ate (figured this because the husband was also not well), so no exercise

Wednesday: BUSY, plus work lunch and then the husband texted and asked if we should go out to dinner. I said yes. After a pint and some nosh, there was no point in running

Thursday: Work was seriously teh KRAZEE (I know! I work in the marketing department of a BANK for God's sake! I'm the Media manager - busy is like apocalyptic!), then I had a baseball executive meeting (with pints)

Friday: AH! I got lots of stuff done this morning, so I went to Curves at lunch and then tonight, I took to the treadmill for a little over 5k

Most people don't like the treadmill. I admit that I go back and forth. Tonight, I liked it. I put 35 minutes on it, set the pace, put the Jays on TV (Halladay was facing The Yankees) and ran. It was good. I didn't feel like running at 7pm when I would have had to leave in order to get a daylight run in (and I'm not running at night in our new, still under construction subdivision), but by 8pm the guilt, I mean desire, to run was there and I went down to the basement and got at it.

Sunday will find Sarah and I hitting 8-9k I'm sure. Next week I'm off. My plan is to run 4/5 days and get my husband out at least once with me (He's hitting the treadmill about 3x a week too!). We're not doing anything else but painting, so accomplishing this goal should be easy.


  1. thanks for the comment.
    I was suppose to do the double but they moved the race to the 12th at the last minute. I am running a 50 miler that day so cant do it. I am super pissed about this and will be writing a blog about it early next week.

    Keep up the good work your doing great!!!

  2. Wowee, busy week! Enjoy your holiday with lots of running & painting!


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