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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back on the ... treadmill

I managed to put another 5k on the treadmill last week on Thursday as planned. I had eaten an enormous lunch so did not need dinner and managed to run at 7pm after a small snack. It was a great time to run because I had no time to relax after work. I’m having a hard time determining how I was able to get so many miles on the treadmill last winter. What motivation did I have a year ago that I just don’t seem to have now?

Sarah and I had originally planned to run on Saturday, but she cancelled due to prepping for her kid’s birthday party (silly gal was trying to do it all). While I should have taken the opportunity to get out on my own, I decided to sleep in instead. I missed any chance to run that afternoon as we had a dinner party that night that I needed to prep for. Sunday was a write off as we went to see family.

In other news, I’m trying to decide if I want to close out 2009 with a race. I’m sure there are a few 5 or 10k’s I could make but I just don’t know if I want to. Even if I could get out for mid-day/morning runs, I do not want to brave the cold. Brr. And yes, I know we’ve had crazy high temps for November.

Ah well. Still trying to get my mojo back, maybe an impending race is just what I need. The plan is to begin ½ marathon training in January so at least I’ll have some motivation then.


  1. Use the 1/2 training as motivation NOW. You don't want to go into that program running sporadically. Try to adjust to running on the days you will run for your program. Trust me, it won't be any easier in January. ;)

    Get out and enjoy this weather! (Lunch runs??)

  2. i know the feeling! i do not want to run in the cold either. i was spoiled this past weekend with the thanksgiving holiday and got to postpone my run til midday when it was warmer, so i don't know what i will do now! :(


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