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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

(no title)

I had a hard time coming up with a title for this post. I didn’t want to fall into the old trap of writing, “Finally” or “I’m back” or “It’s been a while” or anything like that. Suffice to say I haven’t blogged in a while.

This means I haven’t run in a while.

In fact, I have not run since October 31st.

And that one was a shitty 7k in HIGH. SPEED. WIND. WARNINGS. With Sarah.

I took a week off due to illness and then, I took a week off due to lethargy.


Good ole, “I don’t give a flying fuck right now so I’m going to sit on my couch with booze in my flannel PJs and watch reality TV” (everyone has these weeks right?).


That pity party ended on Sunday when I took my willpower and vitality back (you go girl) and decided that it was time to hop back on the treadmill/paths.

Yesterday I worked from home and after a look at the sun shining outside and a peek at the Weather Network, I decided to power up the treadmill and step on it for 50 minutes (I know! The real runners who are reading are groaning at the fact that I turned down a perfect, sunny, fall day of outdoor running to enjoy the drudgery of the basement treadmill. But, I watched the Tyra Banks show while running – surely that makes up for something). The first 25 minutes flew by (and trust me, Tyra was not that exciting). I clearly remember thinking, “Wow! I didn’t loose as much as I thought." I got through the next 25 minutes pulling 8 and 1s, keeping my pace a steady 5.4. I ended up running 6.92km and am very happy.

I shall run again tomorrow night.

Except this time I will have Jeff Probst to keep me company.

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