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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I was right!

Last night, during our group run (we are still running short, easy (LSD pace) runs), I thought to myself, This seems to be getting easier.

While it makes sense, I didn't quite trust myself that I was right. Low and behold, the email from our instructor showed up today confirming that the running should be feeling easier. He also warned us to enjoy it because, Bing's Shock and Awe clinic would be starting week of February 20th (good thing my family is away that week! :-) ).

So this morning, when I went to run my Thursday run on the dreadmill at the gym, I decided to push my tempo a bit as my runs outside were averaging about 45 seconds faster per KM than the one's on the 'mill. Of course, it was fine. I was able to complete the entire 4k run, running and the most troublesome part was trying to keep my #$%&ing earbuds in my ears.

Yippee for getting stronger!

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