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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ugg... Sunday's run

Sunday was our long run.

On Saturday night, the GTA got a bit of snow. Not lots, but enough so that sidewalks and roads needed to be plowed.

This weekend was the one I tried to get Fergus (5.5 months) to sleep longer at night and only wake once to eat. I was alone with him as my husband and older son were away visiting my in-laws.

On Sunday morning, Fergus woke up at 5:15am and was up for the day. I was feeling okay, just a bit tired, but I ate something and got us both ready to go (Fergus to my parents, me for the run).

Once I got there, I was rather excited as it was bright and warm outside. That quickly faded when we started.

We started our 7k run on the sidewalk of a very busy main road. The sidewalk had been plowed, but the road plows had just put all of the road snow back on the sidewalk. So we were "running" through mushy, dirty snow. At first it was fun. Until I realized that it went on and on and on. Finally, I followed suit of some of the other runners and jumped on the road until we were able to turn into a subdivision to continue the run on the roadway.

Great, I thought, now things will be easier.

But they weren't. I found the run hard and it just seemed to go on FOR-EV-ER. Thankfully, I grew up in the area where we run, so I know the main roads well. Once we turned back toward the Running Room on a main road, I got up a bit more motivation, but still had a very hard time as it was a uphill route with a poorly plowed sidewalk. I did finish the run without walking, but was over 3 minutes behind my 7k time from the week before.

Upon chatting with some of my colleagues in the clinic last night, a few of the veterans told me not to worry, that Sunday was a bad day to run. That the route was difficult and that it was more like a 10k than a 7k.

I'll take it!

I'm still motivated and doing well otherwise.

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  1. Sounds about the same way I felt on Sunday and a run like that definitely deserves more distance credit!


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