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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So, training...

Half marathon training is going really well. I'm super motivated and am enjoying meeting with the group for runs (even though I've yet to really speak with anyone). I've been able to completely run every run so far (something I'd never do on my own, that's for sure) and I'm not taking any water for the short runs that we've been doing (3k). I've also been steadily holding to a 6:45/KM pace which is good and bodes well for improving my race time once we begin to train with hills, intervals etc.

I need to work on dressing. Twice now, I've been scared by the -XXc with windchill weather and have dressed far too warmly. I chatted with Bing during the run last night about this and he basically told me to trust in my warmth layer (the resolution run jacket) and my windbreak as it will be enough. I'm really tempted to buy the ubiquitous Running Room wind jacket. I just can't seem to decide on a colour. HA.

I'm SO, SO, SO glad I decided to join the clinic. I know that I'm going to be a much better runner afterwards. I know that I'll likely kill my (in my head) time goal come May. I'm one of the few people who haven't taken a clinic before and I find that I tend to run alone, but finish with the same people, so I should make some friends soon, eh? I'm also in the middle of the pack on easy runs, so that makes me feel good as well.

With all this said, I missed tonight's 3k run with the group because of the snow storm that hit the GTA. I didn't want to drive the normal 20 minute highway drive in the snow for 3k. Had it been a Sunday, I would have done it. So now I have to decide if I should just skip it or if I should double up the run tomorrow for 7k (which will be easy anyway).

Now you're probably laughing - Of course she's enjoying it - short distance, easy runs. I know it'll be harder soon, but at least there is an end goal to keep me motivated.

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  1. You're doing great!! Sure, it starts off "easy" but that's how they EASE you into the heavier stuff. You won't have a problem!

    I hear you on over-dressing. I almost always end up too warm. I just can't stand that freezing cold feeling when you first step out the door. But the general rule is to dress for 10 degrees warmer...


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