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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The end is almost upon us....

Sunday will be the start of the end.

It will be the last Sunday run of our half marathon clinic which began way back on January 25th.

So much has changed for me since then and I really can not believe how far I've come. Here are some numbers (to date - May 5):

# of Runs: 61
Time spent running: 47h58m47s
# of KMs run: 432
Weight lost: 20 lbs
Wipe outs (while running): 2
Injury's: 0 (knock wood!)

I've done so much more though. I've learned about new neighbourhoods both near where I grew up (which is where the clinic was held) and here in Milton.

I've learned that Gu Gels aren't actually the devil.

That I CAN rock skin tight pants (um, only while running though).

That my love for Eminem on the play list is justified for motivation.

That I WANT others to share my love of running.

That I am my own motivator.

That I will be a runner for a long time to come.

10 Days until half marathon #1.


  1. 47 hours - is that crazy or what? Congratulations on how far you've come! May 15th is your victory lap!

    And 20 lbs?? WOW!

  2. Figgers, now I can't get into Twitter!

    Hey, thanks for your comment! Will you be hanging around [in the rain] after you finish?

    I'll be wearing the black shorts and the pink tank... possibly white cap.

    Let's keep our fingers crossed for a weather miracle.


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