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Friday, May 13, 2011


As you know by now, my first ever half marathon is this Sunday, May 15th.

When I started training, I thought that my main goal would be to just cross the finish line.

Of course, after 16 weeks I have some more specific goals in mind:

C Goal: 2:20 (should be doable despite the forecast rain and 40KPH wind)

B Goal: Sub 2:20 (not out of reach, it is a 6:38/KM pace which slower than our 6:37 pace during our practice run on course)

A Goal: 2:15 (this is the real goal. The one that C is aiming for as this is her repeat half marathon)

A+ Goal: Sub 2:15 (The secret, I'm pretty sure I can do it if I just hang on and RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! goal)

No matter what, this race is a Personal Best.

It is a reward for committing to the training and for running (nearly) every training run.

BIB 5065

I can't wait!


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