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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Long run alone

Well, here I am two weeks after completing my first ever half marathon and I've recommitted to a Sunday morning long run (and so has my awesome husband).

Because I don't want to put my family out too much with my running, I've decided not to join in on the long runs with the Running Room for the time being and will instead be doing them all by myself.

This morning I set off at 9:10 and ran a 12k route through my end of town. It was a good run as it didn't rain, it wasn't silly humid and while I did fail at keeping my pace at 6:50/km or slower, I felt good.

I decided that I'd run with a sports drink in my handheld for the first time along with my water bottle and felt okay taking that. I doubt I'll ever race with sports drink as I do find it sweet, but I sweat like crazy and I want to be able to replace all of the salt I loose when I'm on these shorter long runs.

Before I knew it, I was back in my subdivision and heading for home. I am glad I got out there for the longest distance ever run alone in my life.

12k, 1:19:40, 6:48/km

24k last week (w/o May 23), aiming for 35-40 this week.

One week until the Bread and Honey 15k race. Goals to come


  1. Nice job on the solo long run! It does take up a lot less time out of your day when you just walk out the door and GO!

  2. Great run! Hopefully I will see you at the race on Sunday :)


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