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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back to the routine... kinda

My goal going into this week was to get back into the routine of running 4-5 times a week and keeping at least one of those runs a long (12+km) one and one run a tempo run.

So far this week, I've hit the first goal, and this evening I hit the second one with a lovely routine 6k tempo run around my subdivision.

I was starting out later in the evening for me at 8pm and it was only about 45 minutes after I had finished supper. I decided that I'd run wherever my legs took me, but that I wouldn't cross any major roads to get the 6k in. Instead, I ran along many undiscovered streets and let my Garmin track my KMs and pace.

The first 12 minutes were easy of course as prescribed for the warm up. I ran a bit fast with an average pace of 6:28/km, but I felt good. It was a PERFECT night for running as the sun set: 16C with a touch of wind. I felt great! Then, it was time for Tempo!

After my success last Wednesday in the rain, I decided to go for an average pace of 5:45/km. This is a leap from the 6:00/km I was running at the end of the clinic, but to be honest, that pace felt really easy but Bing had cautioned me not to make any changes so close to the half marathon. With the ease of the 6 minute pace and the extremely successful half marathon, I decided that I would push up my tempo until it felt like the 9/10 effort it should be.

Both last week and this week, I was not disappointed. I run a straight 20 minutes at tempo pace and about 14 minutes in I was checking the time every minute, then every 45 seconds, then every half minute to count down how long it would be until I was finished. There was a huge effort for me to run that fast, but a good effort nonetheless. After downloading the data, I see that my pace was 5:44 for the 20 minute tempo portion and I feel great now!

Just think, back in late February I completed my first tempo run at 6:14/km and now, a mere four months later, I've jumped to a pace that is a full 32 seconds faster!

I can't wait to break all of my records in the second half of 2011!


  1. Isn't this weather perfect!? Would be nice if the wind died down a little... (so picky, I know)

    AWESOME improvement on your tempo pace. Seriously! It can take years for that kind of improvement!

    Unfortunately my pacing gig in Hamilton may have fallen through - they were supposed to get back to me to confirm in May and didn't. I emailed a couple of times with no reply. Bummer. :( Who knows, maybe it will come together. If not, I don't know yet what I'm going to do...

    Anyway, a 2::00 half is NOT out of reach for you this year - especially at the nice downhill Hamilton course. :D

  2. Nice job...sounds like you had a grat run!


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