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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday!

I totally meant to photograph one day of eating on the cruise last week, but I forgot! Oh well, here are my regular Tuesday eats.

Oatmeal with flax seed, brown sugar and frozen blueberries.

Time again to be a loser daily!

Pre-run snack.

Post-run lunch - sweet potato soup, crackers, water and a red grapefruit (no sugar, I just cut it up and eat it.

Dinner - with homemade ground beef and veggie sauce - peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes.

One of these tasty wee things.

My snack once I was on the couch. I can't have chips in the house without eating them. They are almost gone and I'm being good by portioning them out.

Happy Wednesday. Training updates to come!


  1. Can't have chips in the house either. Or cookies! No WIAW for me this week. Could not get my sh*t together long enough to take photos.

  2. Mmm I love a good homemade meat & veggie sauce - I'm totally craving it now that I saw your delicious pic!

    And I am the same way with chips - I can't stop reaching in for "just one more" ;)

  3. i actually prefer seeing what others' eat in their regular routine. thanks for sharing!

  4. YAY ROLL UP THE RIM!!!!!!!!! that means McDonalds must be doing their free coffee....which is equally great :D


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