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Thursday, February 2, 2012

January Recap!

What a great first month of MARATHON training!

# of runs: 21 (I didn’t skip a single one!)

Longest run: 20k on a lovely Milton morning with Alison and Sarah

Races: One: Robbie Burns 8k

Total KM: 202.01 – beating my previous highest month by 20.98km

Total time spent running: 20h56m54s (Holy CRAP!)

Average pace per KM: 0:06:13

I’m super happy about the way the training is shaping up! I’m sure February will be a lower mileage month due to our trip and the shorter month, but I’m going to do my very best to keep up with the program! My next race is the Chilly Half Marathon on March 4th and I’m really looking forward to it!

The best part of this month was ending it knowing that I can start to run my tempo runs faster. Currently I’m aiming for a 5:25/km pace which I get on the treadmill without problem (of course), but the last two outdoor runs I hit around a 5:16/5:18, so I’m upping my goal pace to 5:20/km. I’m happy to see where I am in another six weeks and I hope I’ll be faster still! I’m planning on keeping my long runs around 6:25-6:40/km though. No sense in changing that seeing as all of these paces are within the same program toward a four hour marathon.

I also joined MyFitnessPal this month and am really enjoying the accountability it is giving me toward healthier eating especially with so much training. I’ve never loved hard boiled eggs more (HAHA!). I’m hoping to loose a bit of weight before the marathon, but I’m also working hard to eat all of my calories every day so that I’m fueled enough to get the work done that I need. I also love the WIAW posts for the very same reason!

How was your January?


  1. Nice job on January!! Your training is coming along swimmingly... err, runningly hehe

    MFP is GREAT for tracking calories in VS out.

  2. great for you! i've never trained for a marathon, but can imagine it is hard to balance eating enough to fuel and not eating too much! good luck!

  3. Nice first month of training!


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