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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

Another weekly post of What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday!

Breakfast was cocoa, banana, oatmeal mini muffins with yogurt and coffee. I took some immunity drops as my husband has a cold and I have a race on September 16th

I was at a funeral in the AM but had to return home to work. I enjoyed this delightful ham sandwich on cheddar bread from our local bakery (and two more slices of the bread just with butter)

I went for a race pace run after work (and ended up running 17 seconds faster on average - whoops!). Before I went to pick up my son at the YMCA program, I had a banana.

Dinner was a result of going shopping after Y pickup. I had originally taken salmon out of the freezer and purchased asparagus and rice to have, but when my husband saw the cheese tortellini he requested a dinner switch out. We rounded out the dinner with Caesar salad and garlic bread.

After a long day, the kids went to bed and I enjoyed a very drinkable glass of this Shiraz-Cab.

As for my good habit for September per Jenn's monthly theme. I want to stop the post kiddie bedtime snacking habit unless I'm truly hungry. Let's see how this goes!


  1. Immunity drops! Where can I find such a thing? I work in a Peds office so I neeeeeddd them.

  2. What exactly are immunity drops?

    And that cheddar bread looks and sounds excellent!

  3. can't ever go wrong w/ cheese tortelini


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