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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

The theme of this month's WIAW is "Falling into good habits". I'm failing at this so far. My goal was to stop evening snacking. Oh well.

Today, I bring you the food I ate on Tuesday, September 11, 2012. Also known around these parts as the day my husband turned 37!

 It was a rushed morning, so I ate a banana before I left for the train and grabbed a pumpkin loaf slice from Starbucks. I give it a 5/10. It had the foulness known as "nature's candy"

 Lunch! I am loving this mild genoa salami. My salad was also good, but I don't love cucumbers. I always have them because the boys like them, so I might as well eat them, you know?
 Dinner - I put a roast beef in the crockpot with two cubed onions and a bunch of BBQ sauce. We had it as pulled beef with long grain and wild rice and corn. YUM.
 As I mentioned, my husband turned 37 yesterday. These are from one of the local gourmet cupcake places in town. I had the cookies and cream one. YUM! My husband decided on the Red Velvet and Fergus at the vanilla. Alasdair didn't get any because he wouldn't eat supper (We have three left over and he gets one tonight if he eats supper).
There are my immunity drops (my husband has a horrible cold, so I am taking these in light of the half marathon on Sunday). I got them at the local health food store. I took them all last winter while training for the marathon (and had a flu shot) and I didn't get sick once!

Oh! My good habit FAIL!

And thus ends my day in eats! I'm off to drool over yours!


  1. Great, now I'm going to be craving Cheetos for the rest of the day! LOL Happy birthday to your hubby! I'll have to check out those drops. I don't get sick very often, but I know that I've just tempted fate by saying that.........

  2. Cheetos are EVIL. They eat your SOUL. Keep those away from me, please!! (can you tell I'm craving them like hell?)

  3. Those cupcakes look so good! Can I have one?? :)

  4. Nice to see you today, and you look great, so you must be eating the right stuff!


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