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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Recap!

September has been all about getting to the end goal which will arrive in 18 days! I needed to get my head on straight and gain some confidence about getting as close as possible to that end goal which I set back in early June.

I'm finally getting there, this week.

# of Runs: 20. I'll go with it, seems to be a trend!

# of runs started before 5am: 12! I'm kinda rocking this morning running thing

Races: 1- Milton Half Marathon! I'm not sure how I feel about this race now. I feel like I could have pushed harder and done better. Hindsight has me wondering if I let my bad stomach take over my head and if it was really as bad as all that. I wondered if I put to much pressure on myself. I also took some great learning away - never take anything other than water at a drinks station unless you know 100% what it is. Always run with more gels than you need - because you may want more. And finally, having someone to pace with can be key. My best races have involved pacers. Good pacers.

I wasn't feeling the greatest,
but I could still celebrate the finish!
Highlight Run of the Month: The last 5k of the Oakville Half Marathon. I decided that I'd meet Sam at the 16k point of the Oakville half as she had no one to run with (this was the weekend after Milton). I figured I could push her in the last 5k the way John the pacer pushed me. When she ran by, she was with our DailyMile friend Richard (they ran the entire race together), but it was still fun and the fact that Sam had a massive PB and a 1:47:17 finish made it even better. I even broke out a skirt in her honour:

Race Bandit!
Say, "Jack Daniel's Running Formula"
With a victorious Sam after her awesome race.
I had some awesome Jack Daniel's workouts and managed to hit a milestone of my longest pre-work run at 16k (10mi). That was a great day and I did it so that I could join Sam during her race above.

Total KM Run: 221.49 (137.63 miles) We are 75% through the year and I'm at 80% of my goal of 2,400km (1,491.3mi) for this year!

Total Time Spent Running: 20h34m15s

Average Pace per KM: 0:05:34 (0:08:58/mi)

This is it. 

18 days to put it all together before toeing the line on the goal race. I'm feeling good. I just need to hold on to that feeling for the next 2.5 weeks.

I hope you also had a great September.


  1. Great month of training NIcole! Scotiabank look out!

  2. LOL Great month Nicole. Hindsight is 20/20. Don't dwell on the what if's of Milton. Thanks again for coming out and running with me in Oakville. It was what kept Richard with me during his cramping. He really wanted to run with you! LOL You'll do awesome at Scotia! I know it. :o)

  3. Great month. You are very close to your goal for the year! I like the way that you break down your training into miles. I always have to think about it when I read your blog lol! I have never ran with a pacer before and you are making me want to try it. I am running the Long Beach Marathon on the 13th so maybe I will try a pacer out and see how it goes,

  4. Go girl! Running BEFORE 5am! I'm not even hitting snooze yet!


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