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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Goals

In random order:

  1. Eat better. Less potato chips, more green stuff, more fruit
  2. Have more patience with my kids and husband and parents (who are living with us until June)
  3. Be more awesome at work
  4. Go to Church more. With both kids
  5. Listen to people more while in conversation. I mean, listen
  6. Sub 1:45:00 half marathon
  7. Sub 24:00 5k
  8. Race a 10k for the first time since 2011
  9. Sub 41:00 at Robbie Burns (weather permitting)
  10. Raise a whole lot of money for Make-A-Wish Canada
  11. Qualify to run the 2015 Boston Marathon; go sub 3:40:00 in the marathon
  12. Embrace my wacky me; being cool IS being yourself


  1. Nice list! Wow, you haven't raced a 10k since 2011? It'll be fun to see what kind of time you get with that one!

  2. Good luck with your goals Nicole. Happy New Year and all the best for 2014. I haven't raced a 10K since 2010!! Hate that distance but keep saying I'm going to race one too....

  3. This is a great list! Mix of running, life and spirit all together. Have a great 2014 MacNic and may all your dreams come true!

  4. #12 is God's truth. Good luck completing your goals this year!! If anyone can do it, it's you!

  5. Great list! I know you can crush your goals!!

  6. Sounds like a good plan for 2014! Happy belated New Year!


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