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Monday, January 27, 2014

Mississauga Marathon Training Week 9

Ahh training week nine. The first 90% week. The first week with intervals. The first real race of the season.

Did I mention that the Polar Vortex was sticking around? I'm amazed that I got it all in!!!

Monday January 20: First run back from vacation and I slogged through in the cold yet again. It was a slower run, but at least I got the planned distance in. I was helped by the fact that the sidewalks were mainly clear. 10k, 1:00:01

Tuesday January 21: My very first interval session of the cycle. I missed the 3x1000 session when I was on the cruise. The plan called for 5x1000 at 4:26/km (7:08/mi) with 3 minutes active rest. I was NEVER, EVER able to nail this workout in the summer. I didn't bother attempt this outside, instead I headed to the gym to bang this out on the treadmill with a cheat sheet so that I didn't have to do any math at all. I decided to change the rests into 500m and allowed myself to slow down as much as I needed (walk) during the period of rest. With the exception of stepping off twice in the last interval for seconds to drink, I nailed this workout! 14k, 1:18:48
I hate that gym treadmills go into cool down mode after an hour. I get why it happens, but hate it. Do you know how much those last 1.94 miles sucked? Also compression socks + 0415 = difficult.

Wednesday January 22: I had to travel to Windsor for a funeral and I got home by 5pm. After six plus hours in the car plus an emotional day, I needed a run and I needed a quick one. The plan called for 8k and I did it. 44:03.

Thursday January 23: I wanted to get a double in so that I could get my LSD run in on Friday night and then take Saturday as a rest day pre Sunday race. So, a slow reverse route of Wednesday's run before work. 8.01k, 49:52. After work, I headed right to the Running Room and listened to a chat about the WALL and how to avoid it. Then we all hit the polar vortex to run the 8k as planned. I started with the lead group, but around 5k in I had to lag back and even walk a bit. I was just tired after 20k in 24 hours. Due to stop lights, I eventually caught the group again and finished within 10 seconds of them. 8k, 47:59

Friday January 24: I didn't want another run in the cold. I wanted a drink. So I opened a bottle of white and forewent my run.

Saturday January 25: I wanted to sleep in (please note, "sleeping in" is waking up with my 3 year old, Fergus at 0613), I didn't want to face the cold AGAIN, plus it was snowing. So, I went to the gym and did something I've never done before. 20k. ON. THE. TREADMILL. 1:57:51
I know! I can't believe it either. This run was really helped by Cosmo TV. Sex in the City and Dirty Sexy Money kept me more than entertained. I have no idea why Dirty Sexy Money was cancelled.

Sunday January 26: The 35th annual Robbie Burns race. Report to follow. Despite not racing, I managed a 5 second personal best. I also was able to break out my custom shirt. 8.05k, 42:21

And I was a Scottish-Canadian Ninja!

And of course, I was a #runnerd! Thanks to Emma for the photo!

Total KM: 76.07 (47.27mi) Total Time: 7:20:55 Average Pace per KM: 0:05:48 (0:09:20/mi)

So, my biggest week ever and it went really well! The best part? I get to do it all again this week! WooHoo!?

Oh, and I raised a whole whack load of money for Make A Wish Canada I'm now at 34% of my total $3,400 target! Please click the link and donate if you can!


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